ESA Gets Its Legal Bill Covered For Fighting Restrictive Minnesota Game Law

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Entertainment Software AssociationThe Entertainment Software Association (an industry trade group that represents the interactive entertainment industry) was awarded $65,000 to cover its attorney fees and expenses in challenging an unconstitutional game law passed in Minnesota.
The ESA points out that taxpayers "should be outraged at paying the bill for this flawed plan." What we at FI find of interest is the low award relative to previous cases.

Several such laws have been struck down in other states. As the judge on the case, Judge Rosenbaum found, "...several other states have tried to regulate minors' access to video games. Every effort has been stricken for violating the First Amendment....The Court will not speculate as the motives of those who launched Minnesota's nearly doomed effort to "protect" our children. Who, after all, opposes protecting children? But, the legislators drafting this law cannot have been blind to its constitutional flaws."

But in other cases, the ESA has received much larger awards for fighting such laws. What that suggests is that the legal process of battling such laws is becoming rote for the ESA's lawyers and thus incurring a much lower bill. That, as much as the burgeoning case law, should indicate how foolish it is for a legislator to propose such laws.

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