Companies Like to Release Numbers to Value Gaming

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Now it's time for today's installment of "Fun With Surveys!" Two separate companies came out with reports this morning emphasizing the economic importance of gaming. Now, to the nitty-gritty...
The Entertainment Merchants Association (the EMA represents the interest of companies that sell home entertainment content, such as DVDs or games) noted that by its tally, video game software sales in 2007 totaled $8.6 billion, 34% higher than in 2006. In short, they released a report that mostly focused on home movie viewing, but confirmed that video games continue to provide big bucks.

A company, GameStrata, is also insisting that based on their own survey (methodology was not disclosed), the average gamer spends $30,500 on gaming hardware and software between age 18 and 48. Frankly, without seeing the methodology, we are extremely dubious of this methodology, since there isn't yet a large pool of gamers in their late 40s, and spending habits change dramatically over time (for example, a well-employed older gamer might spend a lot more than a younger gamer on PC hardware or a fancy television). But we won't sit around and poke holes in what sounds like a flawed number. We'll just say that they released a number. And it's big. But it might be very wrong.

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