Buku Sudoku Review

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Buku Sudoku Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Merscom

Platform: Xbox 360, PC
Reviewed on Xbox 360

"Buku Sudoku takes the pen-and-paper puzzler high-tech with HD graphics, helpful tutorials, single-and multiplayer game modes, multiple grid sizes and the option to display hints, highlight errors, undo moves and even solve puzzles."

Kyle Ackerman

As the title suggests, Buku Sudoku includes a lot of Sudoku. An awful lot of Sudoku. Merscom already released Buku Sudoku for the PC, and now Microsoft has helped bring the title to Xbox Live Arcade.

In a nutshell (because that's where I keep all my reviews), Buku Sudoku is a great implementation of the classic pencil & paper number puzzle game on the Xbox 360, but is it worth $10? And to answer that, you have to ask, why are you playing Sudoku on the Xbox 360? Personally, if I have the 10-30 minutes to do a challenging puzzle, the Xbox 360 has so many better options that I would never launch Buku Sudoku. I've played Sudoku when stuck with a pencil and paper. I've even played on a handheld device. But having the opportunity to purchase Buku Sudoku for the Xbox 360 is a bit like having a chance to purchase the best coal-powered automobile ever made.

Anyone interested in playing Sudoku on the Xbox 360 will find a great Sudoku implementation. There are a variety of themes available for the game (see the screenshots), and Buku Sudoku includes 1,200 puzzles. Puzzles range from the typical 9x9 grids to 8x8, 12x12 and 6x6 grids with a kiddie theme. The high resolution of the game makes it easy to see penciled-in numbers and supports some gorgeous backgrounds. There are even a variety of help options that range from no assistance whatsoever to virtually solving the puzzles for you.

What Buku Sudoku offers that makes it interesting is its multiplayer options. Players can solve puzzles together, duel against another puzzle fan to solve a puzzle the fastest or solve puzzles as a team against another team. The game supports both local multiplayer play and matches over Xbox Live. So, if you want to play Sudoku cooperatively (or against another person) and don't want to crowd around the same piece of paper, Buku Sudoku meets that need.

Buku Sudoku does a glorious job of filling a niche most of us didn't know existed. So should you buy it? Only if that niche has been leaving a hole in your soul.

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