"Chunk 3" Reaches Dungeon Runners

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NCsoft has released the third major content update for its online action/role-playing game Dungeon Runners.
The content update is called "Chunk 3" and adds a number of content updates including new benefits for premium players of the game. The chunk includes five new skills (such as the "Barf-O-Rama" skill that makes poison more effective, "Dark Conniption" and "Shiver Shot"), new quests and upgrades to the tutorial to improve the new player experience. Amusingly, there is now a "15% More Cowbell" modifier granted upon completing quests to increase experience earned by killing monsters by 15% for five minutes.

Premium members (those who pay $5 per month) continue to play advertisement-free, but now get a 15% gold and experience bonus over other players, discounts when purchasing items with "Kings Coin" quest rewards, more frequent special item drops and even more bank pages at certain levels.

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