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NetDragon has launched the massively multiplayer online game Heroes of Might and Magic Online in China, developed from a Might and Magic license acquired from Ubisoft.

Stroem Joins Lockpick

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Developer Lockpick Entertainment has hired Carl-Johan Stroem as a Producer for the company. Stroem is a long-time pencil & paper designer and will now be working with Lockpick to develop Role-Playing Games.
Focus Home Interactive has released a demo for its game Dracula: Origin
Conspiracy EntertainmentConspiracy Entertainment has expanded the publishing agreement it has with RTL games that has Conspiracy publishing RTL games in North America.
Ignition EntertainmentIgnition Entertainment has entered into an agreement with AQ Interactive to bring Vampire Rain: Altered Species to North America and Europe.
NCsoft has created the "War College," a panel of players being brought to the Destination Games office to provide feedback on the massively multiplayer online game Tabula Rasa.
Ozura Mobile has released its game Counter Smash for mobile phones.
Get Smart: The Mobile GameIn-Fusio has the rights to release the mobile game version of the film Get Smart. The game should be released at the same time the film reaches theaters in North America on June 20.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced today $2 million worth of grants to various institutions to "help strengthen the evidence base that supports the development and use of digital interactive games to improve players' health behaviors and outcomes. Funded studies explore topics ranging from how motion-based games may help stroke patients progress faster in physical therapy to how people in substance abuse treatment can practice skills and behaviors in the virtual world of a game to prevent real-world relapses."
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts plans to release SimCity Creator for the Wii and DS this September.
Gamecock Media Group has shipped Firefly Studios Stronghold Crusader Extreme for the PC to store in North America.
Sega Europe's Sports Interactive brand is working with IGA Worldwide on in-game advertising for the upcoming Football Manager Live and other Football Manager games.
NCsoftNCsoft has promoted Lisa Bell-Cabrera to Vice President of Sales for North America.
Gamecock's Harry MillerGamecock Media Group and cdv Software Entertainment are cooperating on European distribution. cdv now has the exclusive right to license, market and distribute Gamecock's games in Europe.
Conspiracy EntertainmentConspiracy Entertainment has entered into a publishing agreement with dtp Entertainment. The agreement will see Conspiracy distributing dtp's Summer Athletics in North America for all platforms in the third quarter of this year. Summer Athletics is a sports game including 25 different sports developed by 49Games (the German developer behind Winter Sports 2008: The Ultimate Challenge).
Publisher Playlogic has formed a joint venture with Virgin Play called PlayV to market and distribute games in the UK.
Paradox InteractiveParadox Interactive plans to release Dark Horizon for the PC in the third quarter of 2008.
UbisoftUbisoft confirmed that it plans to publish Dogz 2008 for the Wii this holiday season.
UbisoftUbisoft plans to release Shaun White Snowboarding for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and PC this holiday season.
Nyko has shipped its Charge Base 360 to stores. The Charge Base 360 is a drop-in-and-charge solution for two Xbox 360 wireless controllers.
Sony Online Entertainment has launched Update #5 for its massively multiplayer online game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.
Dreamcatcher Games has shipped Dracula: Origin to stores in North America.
UbisoftUbisoft plans to publish My Fashion Studio for the DS as part of the "Imagine" series of games for young girls.
UbisoftUbisoft plans to publish Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking on the DS this November.
UbisoftUbisoft plans to release Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party for the Wii and DS this holiday season.
Pirates of the Caribbean OnlineDisney Online has added content to its family-friendly massively multiplayer online game Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
GTS World RacingAstraware has launched its game GTS World Racing for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.
Two New Games are available as downloads from Xbox Live Arcade.
BioWare, part of Electronic Arts, has shipped the PC version of Mass Effect to stores in North America.
Lighthouse Interactive has shipped the Sword of the Stars: Collector's Edition developed by Kerberos.
Descriptive TextTake-Two Interactive plans to release BioShock for the PlayStation 3 in October.
Majesco EntertainmentMajesco Entertainment plans to release Wonder World Amusement Park for the DS by this holiday season.
Paradox InteractiveParadox Interactive has released the expansion to its strategy game Europa Universalis III, In Nomine as a download for the PC.
Publisher Playlogic held its annual shareholder meeting at which not only were the board of directors approved, the company confirmed that it plans to focus more on console games and expects to earn a net profit at least equal to its recent slightly-better-than-break-even results.
ActivisionActivision plans to release Score International Baja 1000 based on the off-road race of the same name.
Capcom has shipped the Platinum Hits version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition for the Xbox 360 and PC to stores in North America.
Street Fighter IVCapcom confirmed that it is working on Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.
Activision and id Software have shipped the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to stores in North America.
Strategy First (part of Silverstar Holdings) has signed on to publish Burut Creative Team's Ubersoldier 2: The End of Hitler this summer.
Aksys Games has shipped Super Dodgeball Brawlers for the DS to stores in North America
Tri Synergy has shipped the boxed version of Snood Deluxe to stores in North America.
Music Video Games, a developer formed earlier this year, has exited stealth mode and revealed itself unto the world today.
Nintendo isn't at all slowed by the Memorial Day Holiday here in the United States, and is still releasing four downloadable games for the Wii.
Paradox InteractiveParadox Interactive's game Supreme Commander 2020 is gold, in duplication and should be released for the PC on June 17.
Postal: The MovieThe film Postal, based on Running With Scissors' Postal games and brought to the silver screen with the help of Uwe Boll, is now in theaters.
Gamecock Media Group confirmed that Stronghold Crusader Extreme from Firefly Studios is gold, in duplication and should reach stores for the PC shortly.
Publisher and Developer Data Design Interactive (DDI) has opened an office in the United States.
UbisoftUbisoft's game Haze is now in stores in North America for the PlayStation 3.
Sony has released The Con as a download for the PSP for $20
Activision confirmed that it is hard at work on Guitar Hero World Tour for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and PlayStation 2.
CDV Software Entertainment has shipped Theater of War for the PC to stores in North America.
Ubisoft announced certain of its financial results for its fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.
Bethesda Softworks has entered into a partnership with developer Splash Damage on an undisclosed upcoming game.
ArchLordCodemasters is excited to let everyone know that its massively multiplayer online game ArchLord has now reached 500,000 players. The game is currently free to play and is gearing up for its third major content update.
Playlogic has moved its headquarters in Amsterdam from its former location in Concertgebouwplein to Amsterdam's World Trade Center. FI suspects Playlogic made the move because no one outside of Northern Europe could pronounce the company's address.
Conspiracy Entertainment Europe has secured the rights to publish C.O.R.E. in Europe, developed by NoWay Studio in Poland.
GameStopRetailer GameStop announced its financial results for its fiscal first quarter, ended May 3, 2008.
KingsIsle entertainment recently revealed itself and now wants to bring attention to its game.
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts has agreed to acquire the assets of Hands-On Mobile Korea.
Square Enix plans to launch its game Infinite Undiscovery for the Xbox 360 on September 2 of this year.
Harmonix (part of MTV), in conjunction with Electronic Arts, has shipped Rock Band to stores in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts has signed an agreement with Taito Corporation that will allow EA to distribute Taito's games for mobile phones in Europe.
G4Box has signed a deal with Neowiz to publish its online first-person shooter Cross Fire developed by Smilegate.
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One is now available as a download for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Linux.
Koei confirmed that it will bring Warriors Orochi 2 to North America this September.
Lighthouse Interactive confirmed that Belief & Betrayal for the PC is gold, in duplication and should reach stores in North America on June 10.
NCsoft has launched the Issue 12: Midnight Hour content expansion for its massively multiplayer online game City of Heroes and Villains.
Square Enix plans to bring several classic Dragon Quest games to North America by re-releasing the games for the DS.
Sony plans to release a new PSP bundle for fans of the Madden NFL football games.
Funcom has released its massively multiplayer online game Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.
Sony has launched SingStar for the PlayStation 3 in North America.
Developer Last Day of Work has released Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City as a download for the PC and Mac.
NCsoft has launched the latest (and eighth) update for its massively multiplayer online game Tabula Rasa.
Nokia has worked out a deal with Konami to have Konami's mobile games added to Nokia's N-Game mobile games platform. The first such game to be released under the agreement will be Metal Gear Solid Mobile.

Nexon Updates Mabinogi

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Nexon has released a content update for its massively multiplayer online game Mabinogi called "Generation 2: Paladin."
It's yet another Monday, so Nintendo has launched more downloadable games to the Wii Shop Channel. While Nintendo is still making a distinction between classic games re-released as part of the "Wii Virtual Console" program and new games released under the "WiiWare" rubric, they're all just downloadable games as far as Frictionless Insight is concerned.
Today, Nintendo has launched the Wii Balance Board together with Wii Fit for the combined price of $90 (although many retailers do not yet have the product in stock).
SpinTop Games, part of PopCap Games, has launched Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist as a download for the PC.
SCi Entertainment, parent of Eidos, has held an Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders and approved all the measures necessary to pursue its previously announced plans to raise around $120 million.
nPower has launched version 5.0 of its middleware Power Translators, Power Solids and Power NURBS Pro for Autodesk 3ds Max and Design.
NCsoft has released the third major content update for its online action/role-playing game Dungeon Runners.
Georgia State SealThe U.S. State of Georgia has implemented a plan offering incentives to entertainment companies (including video game companies) doing business in Georgia.
Casual publisher iWin has launched Mah Jong Quest III: Balance of Life as a download for the PC. The game has players seeking the meaning of happiness by solving a series of Mah Jong puzzles that take the player from birth through old age.
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts plans to release Hasbro Family Game Night for the Wii and PlayStation 2 late this year.

Hensley Joins FireSky

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FireSky, part of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, has hired Shane Lacy Hensley to head up FireSky's Superstition Studios.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has named Shuhei Yoshida as president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.
Agetec is planning to release Fading Shadows for the PSP early this summer.
2K Sports, Take-Two Interactive's sports label, has declared that Rick Nash will be the cover athlete for NHL 2K9.
Konami plans to release Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! for the Wii late this year.
Disney Interactive Studios has launched its game The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, DS and PlayStation 2.
Ignition Entertainment has joined forces with Playlogic Entertainment to publish Red Bull BC One for the DS in North America. The game will allow players to participate in a virtual version of the breakdancing competition held every year in Biel Switzerland.
Sony confirmed that its game Secret Agent Clank for the PSP is gold, in duplication and should reach stores on June 17.
Majesco's game Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy for the Wii is gold, in duplication and should ship to stores on June 10.
Konami plans to expand its portfolio of "Revolution" games by adding Rock Revolution to the mix.
I-play, part of casual publisher Oberon Media, has launched its game Women's Murder Club as a download for the PC.
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts plans to launch a new "Stuff Pack" based on IKEA's products in June.
Tycoon Games, sister company of Winter Wolves, has released Supernova 2: Spacewar as a download for the PC and Mac.
Konami plans to release Castlevania: Order of the Ecclesia for the DS late this year.
Konami plans to release three new Dance Dance Revolution games this fall to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the franchise.
NCsoft today announced its financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2008.
MicrosoftAccording to Microsoft, its Xbox 360 console has now sold more than 10 million units in the United States, and more than 19 million units worldwide.
Capcom's game Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition is now gold for the Xbox 360 and PC.
Colourblind Entertainment, a production company in the United Arab Emirates claims to have been working on a game called Sharq Warriors for the last two years and reports that it has formed a partnership with Danny Glover's Louverture Films.
PlayFirst has launched its game Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World as a download for the Pc and Mac.
Activision plans to release Cabela's Legendary Adventures late this year.
Electronic Arts plans to release MySims Kingdom late this year for the Wii and DS.
Developer 3 Lives Left confirmed that it has received a grant from New Danish Screen to prototype a massively multiplayer online game.
SouthPeak Interactive has completed its previously announced acquisition, resulting in SouthPeak becoming a publicly traded company.
Capcom has launched a downloadable expansion for Rocketmen: Axis of Evil. The new content, called Rocketmen: It Came from Your Uranus, the expansion is available for download today through Xbox Live Arcade and will be available tomorrow through the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3.
Sierra Online's game Assault Heroes 2 is now available through Xbox Live Arcade.
Atlus USA plans to release Zoids Assault for the Xbox 360 as soon as August 26.
Sony Online Entertainment has launched update #45 for EverQuest II (called "A Prophet Returns").

We Ski Review

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Descriptive Text Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Namco Bandai Games

Platform: Wii
Reviewed on Wii

Feel like a ski vacation? How about a trip to the Happy Ski Resort, where thousands of skiers of all ages are enjoying the 14 groomed trails of fresh powder. Start by taking lessons at the ski school and graduate to the hardest slopes on the mountain. Ski freely (around the mountain's many casual skiers) or talk to other skiers to partake in races, tasks or just pleasant conversation.

Electronic Arts announced its financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Intelligent Systems

Platform: DS
Reviewed on DS

"A terrible asteroid strike has left the planet devastated. Few survivors remain and the world is in chaos. Toxic dust clouds are choking out the food supply. New diseases strike without warning. Terror runs rampant as people do whatever is necessary for their own survival.

"One small band fights to restore human dignity in a world gone mad... but the mission seems impossible. Their own country is being led by madmen. Their former enemy thinks only of revenge. And behind the scenes, a mad scientist with unbelievable power dreams of eliminating the human race once and for all."

Agetec confirmed that it is working on Touch Darts for the DS and plans to release the game next month.
Castle of Shikigami IIIAksys Games has shipped Castle of Shikigami III for the Wii to stores in North America.
Gravity Interactive is launching the open beta test for its massively multiplayer online game Requiem: Bloodymare.
Atlus has shipped its game Drone Tactics for the DS to stores in North America.
THQ confirmed that it will bring the Viva Pinata franchise to the DS with Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise.
Logitech Driving Force GT racing wheel Company: Logitech
Platform: PlayStation 3 (most functions will work with the PlayStation 2 or other devices with a USB port)

Logitech has launched its latest and hottest wheel, the Driving Force GT racing wheel for the PlayStation 3. Designed specifically for Gran Turismo drivers, the Driving Force GT provides a tight feeling of control for any driving game.

Publisher Gamecock Media Group and developer Replay Studios confirmed that their game Velvet Assassin (formerly known as Sabotage) will be released for the Xbox 360 and PC when released late this year.
The launch for FunCom and Eidos' massively multiplayer online game Age of Conan is coming up shortly (May 20 in North America and May 23 in Europe), and both companies are eager to draw attention to the game. To that end, the two companies gloated that more than one million players signed up for the beta test of Age of Conan.
Hudson Entertainment's game Deca Sports is now in stores for the Wii.
Namco Bandai Games has shipped We Ski for the Wii to stores in North America.

Wits & Wagers Review

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Wits & Wagers Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment

Platform: Xbox 360, Hobby
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Wits & Wagers is a trivia game originally released as a physical party game that rewards both trivia knowledge and poker-like betting skills. Microsoft, working with Hidden Path Entertainment, has released an electronic version of the game available through Xbox Live Arcade for 800 points ($10).

Oasys Mobile has released Sid Meier's Civilization IV: War of Two Cities for mobile phones worldwide. The game is a casual adaptation of the classic turn-based strategy game simplified for mobile phones.
Agetec plans to release Falling Stars for the PlayStation 2 this summer.
Sierra Online, part of Vivendi Games, has released its puzzle game Boogie Bunnies for the PC. The game was released on Xbox Live Arcade in January, and players can now match sets of three dancing bunnies on the PC.
Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionActivision confirmed that Edge of Reality is developing Pitfall: The Big Adventure for the Wii.
Blizzard has set a date for the third BlizzCon convention: October 10 and 11 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.
LostWinds for WiiWareThis week, no new downloadable games are being released for the Wii Virtual Console, but that's because today marks the premier of the WiiWare downloadable game service.
Majesco confirmed that it plans to release Cake Mania: In the Mix! for the Wii late this year.
Namco Networks has released SubMerged for mobile phones.
Electronic Arts plans to release Skate It sometime this year for the Wii and DS.
In a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Electronic Arts confirmed that it has secured loan commitments for an additional $1 billion to ensure it has the cash on hand to pay for a possible acquisition of Take-Two Interactive.
Sony is thrilled to announce that it has shipped more than 50 million Gran Turismo games since the first title was launched in 1997 through April 30, 2008. Mostly, the announcement is just a reminder that Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is available for the PlayStation 3.
In December, 10tacle Studios received approval to acquire The Games Company (the developer of Simon the Sorcerer). Unfortunately, 10tacle has not acquired the capital it needed to complete the acquisition. As such, the acquisition is off, TGC will remain independent and 10tacle will sell the shares of TGC it has already acquired. has released the Patton Drives East expansion for its Strategic Command 2 series that is now available as a download for the PC. The expansion includes a variety of new scenarios for the WWII-themed strategy game.
Electronic Arts confirmed that it is creating a version of Burnout Paradise for the PC.
Xseed Games has signed on to distribute Japanese publisher Marvelous Entertainment's games in North America. The first such game that Xseed will distribute under this agreement is Valhalla Knights 2 for the PSP to be released late this year.
Codemasters has acquired the exclusive right (for a time) to make games based on Formula One racing featuring all Grand Prix circuits, Formula One teams, cars and drivers.
Take-Two Interactive revealed that it has reached an agreement with Universal Pictures to develop BioShock into a feature film.
Playlogic Entertainment announced certain financial results for its fiscal first quarter ended March 31, 2008.
Pandemic Studios (now part of Electronic Arts) is developing The Lord of the Rings: Conquest for release late this year.
Hardware manufacturer nVidia reported its financial results for its fiscal first quarter ended April 27, 2008.
Game hardware manufacturer SplitFish has completed its acquisition of Glow Gaming, a company that makes glowing video game peripherals. The first hardware SplitFish plans to release using Glow Gaming's technology will be a "Gotta Glow" Wii controller that should come out in the third quarter of this year.
Atari has received multiple letters from the Nasdaq threatening to delist the company. Yesterday, Atari reports, the company received a notice from the Nasdaq that a Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel has determined that the Nasdaq will delist Atari's stock and suspend trading as of the opening of business tomorrow.
RealNetworks plans to spin off its casual games business, creating a new company and distributing shares of the new company to shareholders. RealNetworks may then sell up to 20% of its stake in an initial public offering.
2K Sports, part of Take-Two Interactive, will once again partner with Konami to bring the MLB Power Pros franchise to North America.
Activision announced its financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and year ended March 31, 2008.
AQ Interactive confirmed that it plans to release Vampire Rain: Altered Species for the PlayStation 3.
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission released the results of its undercover shopping investigation to see if movie, music and game ratings are being enforced by retailers, and found that "M"-rated games are increasingly difficult for underage children to purchase.
Spacetime Studios has acquired the rights to Blackstar from NCsoft.
Conspiracy Entertainment has entered into a publishing agreement with Epicenter Studios to bring Real Heroes: Firefighters for the Wii to stores in North America.
THQ has entered into a licensing agreement with Marvel Entertainment to make video games based on the Marvel Super Hero Squad.
Sierra, part of Vivendi Games, confirmed that it plans to release a video game for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and DS based on the upcoming film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.
Today, Representative Jim Matheson (D-UT) introduced a bill (HR5990) to the 2nd session of the 110th Congress of the United States on behalf of himself and Representative Lee Terry (R-NE) called the "Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act."
by Kyle Ackerman

Sometimes I miss New York City. Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV isn't the real New York City – it's a condensed caricature. But the fidelity made possible by the latest generation of consoles and the detail added by the team at Rockstar North made Liberty City close enough to the Big Apple to make me listen for the rumble of the subway and the mixed smells of burnt pretzels, sour garbage and laundry vents. The landmarks are all there, from Lincoln Center and Grant's tomb to Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster and the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows. (Different names, but still.) But it's not the landmarks that make Liberty City so accurate. It's the little details: the architecture in the nameless buildings; the style of familiar stores; the street-level garages of particular hotels; the barriers in the middle of streets; the ever-present scaffolding; and even the signs reminding me that it's a two-point offense to "block the box." The South Street Seaport was so perfect that I started to think "Hey... there should be a heliport just past the Seaport that I don't see." Then, as I cruised further south, the heliport popped into view, and I discovered I could take helicopter tours. The city felt so real that I was transported back to the city I was both ecstatic and sad to leave a few years ago. Sometimes realism &ndash even virtual realism &ndash isn't as great as it's cracked up to be.

In a posting on id Software's official site, the company announced that it has started production on Doom 4.
Electronic Arts confirmed that Fight Night Round 4 is currently in development and should be released in 2009.
Ankama plans to revamp its massively multiplayer online game Dofus and re-launch it late this year as Dofus 2.0.
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Developer: Rockstar North

Platforms: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Reviewed on Xbox 360

The Grand Theft Auto series is a dream made real for the Houser brothers, whose enthusiasm for American culture and individualism has made them millionaires. While the series has been portrayed in the mainstream media as some evil, brain-twisting game that turns children into killers, the reality is that it's an over-the-top, satirical look at American pop culture developed by people in Scotland (Rockstar North). Yes, it's brutal, it's violent, and it's definitely earned its mature ("M") rating. It's also one of the best examples of "games as art" that can be thrown at Roger Ebert, coming as close to an interactive movie as any game has done.

Microsoft has launched Wits & Wagers as the latest downloadable game for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade.
Developer inXile Entertainment has launched a new business unit called SparkWorkz to serve as a social networking site designed to let users share game and non-game content.
Astraware, in conjunction with Big Fish Games, has released a version of Hidden Expedition: Titanic for Symbian S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3 smartphones.
Legacy Interactive has released The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes as a download for the PC.
Autodesk, the company that provides design middleware, has completed the acquisition of Kynogon, a company that creates artificial intelligence middleware. The acquisition will improve Autodesk's overall contributions to video game middleware.
Take-Two Interactive shipped Grand Theft Auto IV to stores last week, and declared that the game achieved all-time sales records in its first day and first week on shelves.
Finet, a Chinese internet company, has unveiled the strategic direction for its recently established China Game unit that develops and runs online games in China.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has shipped its game Speed Racer to stores for the Wii and DS to stores in North America.
THQ reported its financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter and year ended March 31, 2008.
Sony Online Entertainment is consolidating the North American servers for its massively multiplayer online first-person shooter PlanetSide into a single server.
THQ confirmed that WWE: Legends of WrestleMania is currently in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Electronic Arts has added a sub-brand to the EA Sports label designed to indicate EA's more casual sports titles.
THQ has signed an agreement with DreamWorks Animation that will have THQ developing and publishing games based on DreamWorks' upcoming animated film due out in the fall of 2010.
Atlus has shipped its game R-Type Command for the PSP to stores in North America.
Digital Eel has released the board game Goblin Slayer as a free download.
Empire Interactive has hired two new staff for its Austin-based publishing efforts.
Majesco confirmed that it plans to release Zoo Hospital for the Wii in August.
Infogrames, the French game publisher and parent of Atari (soon to be the same company again), has appointed Fabrice Hamaide as the company's Chief Financial Officer and added Hamaide to the company's management board. Hamaide previously served as CFO of Parrot.
Koch Media's Deep Silver label confirmed that it will publish S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky for the PC in North America.
Electronic Arts has shipped Boom Blox for the Wii to stores in North America.
Midway reported its financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2008.
SouthPeak Games confirmed that it will distribute B-Boy this summer for publisher Evolved Games and developer FreeStyleGames.
OGPlanet has opened a new server for its massively multiplayer online game Cabal Online called the "War Channel" that allows for open Player-vs.-Player combat. the War Channel does not require players to declare duels to combat one another.
Crave Entertainment, a game publisher that is part of the Handleman Company and related to SVG Distribution, has promoted David Burchi to the role of Senior Vice President of Content and Strategic Development. Burchi has been promoted from Vice President of Strategic Development and will assume control of Crave's proprietary content business (games).
Nintendo has shipped Crosswords DS to stores in North America.
Harmonix, part of MTV Games, and Electronic Arts confirmed that they will release Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 for the Wii and PlayStation 2 on July 15.
It's Monday, so Nintendo has released another two games as downloads for the Wii Virtual Arcade.
THQ has been producing licensed games based on Nickelodeon properties for years, and THQ wanted to gloat today that all its game based on Nickelodeon properties have now exceeded sales of $1 billion, with more than 50 million copies sold.
Chinese developer and online game operator Giant Interactive wanted to share that its game Giant Online reached 344,005 concurrent users on May 3. That's a decent number of simultaneous users – not an all-time record – but a strong showing nonetheless.
cdv Software Entertainment's game Theater of War is gold, in duplication and should arrive in stores for the PC on May 19.
Sega's game Iron Man has arrived in North American stores for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, PlayStation 2 and DS.
Activision confirmed that it plans to release Rapala Fishing Frenzy this summer for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.
Philips continues to work to get games to support its amBX protocols that allow peripherals to add sensations to PC gaming such as air flow, rumble and surround lighting. Today, Philips confirmed that Gamecock's upcoming games Legendary and Velvet Assassin will support the amBX protocol.
Capcom Entertainment has promoted Mark Beaumont to the Chief Operating Officer of Capcom Entertainment (in North America) and Capcom Entertainment Europe.
Electronic Arts announced that when the next Tiger Woods golf game (Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09) is released this summer the game will feature Tiger Woods' coach Hank Haney.
Last October, D3Publisher of America shipped Ben 10: Protector of the Earth, based on the animated television series. Now, D3Publisher is planning to build on its experience, releasing Ben 10: Alien Force - The Game by the holiday season.
Echochrome is now available for download through the PlayStation store for both the PSP and the PlayStation 3.
Gameloft confirmed that it has secured the right to publish a mobile game based on the upcoming film from Universal Pictures, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

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