Warhammer Online Developers Cackle About PvP

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The development team at EA Mythic provided a brief update this evening on the status of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. While the game certainly continues to look exciting, it has been delayed several times, with some of those launch dates long gone by. That means that the game has been virtually previewed to death, and nearly anything you could want to know has been presented in excruciating detail on the Warhammer Online official site. But here are a few highlights of the call that might intrigue readers.
First, the official launch date is still "Fall of 2008." That could mean any time through late December of 2008, assuming the game suffers no further delays. That said, the development team still sounds passionate, enthusiastic (and a bit insane) when raving about their game. Unquestionably, the team is taking their past experience and combining it with the considerable experience EA Mythic developed creating Dark Age of Camelot to make a game where everything impacts the war between the forces of Order and Destruction. You won't have to be involved in high level Player-vs.-Player combat to feel like you're participating... everything from questing to crafting has some bearing on the conflict

Obviously, the team is very excited about the war effort, and is hoping to offer something for everyone, ranging from story-based missions that further the war to gigantic Realm-vs.-Realm combat. Currently, the team is focusing on testing the high-level campaign game (the pinnacle of RvR) that can go as far as laying siege to the capital city of a given faction. EA Mythic is striving to present some form of PvP play that will appeal to everyone, ranging from the massive RvR battles it explored in Dark Age of Camelot to battlefields reminiscent of World of Warcraft's battlegrounds to gigantic sieges Western players first encountered in games like Lineage.

Right now it sounds like the team's gleeful and maniacal laughter is being inspired by war machines and siege defenses. Every siege weapon apparently has a unique method for aiming and firing. They likened firing catapults to playing the Tiger Woods Golf games, taking into account distance, wind and movement. Several of the developers also described how much their wives enjoyed pouring boiling oil on assailants who tried to assault keeps. The team also happily recounted their "Murderball" PvP scenarios (such as this one) in which players can acquire an object of power that makes their attacks devastating (able to slay other players with ease), but that slowly and surely kills the possessor. The team certainly seems excited about the possibilities.

It sounded like another current focus for the developers is the issue of character advancement and PvP. The team would like for players to be able to advance solely through PvP activities (making it a grind against human players rather than NPC rats). That is currently possible in the beta test, but is also not quite done. The team is exploring tweaks to make PvP advancement fast enough to be interesting. So that's the quick summary: the team is excited Warhammer Online PvP is progressing apace, and it is still on track for a release late this year.

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