NCsoft Implements Micropayment System

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NCsoft has rolled out its micropayment system for its various online games.
NCsoft, best known for its Lineage games, is the publisher behind games like Tabula Rasa, City of Heroes, Dungeon Runners and Guild Wars, and is now introducing NCcoin.

100 NCcoins will be sold for each dollar, and the first game that will take advantage of NCcoins to support micropayments is NCsoft's upcoming game Exteel. While NCcoin will be introduced into as many games as possible, NCsoft says that "NCcoin will not be retrofitted in games that have business models that do not work with a micro-transaction system. We will, however, work to have NCcoin incorporated in as many of our games as possible, and what role NCcoin will play with our future console offerings have yet to be determined. NCcoin does fit perfect for some of the free-to-play and download games we are developing..."

NCsoft has implemented a page with further information on NCcoin.

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