Legendary Map Pack Available for Halo 3

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Microsoft has launched the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack as a download from Xbox Live.
The three maps cost 800 points ($10). "Avalanche" is based on a map from the original Halo called "Sidewinder," but is larger and introduces the Horney to multiplayer Halo 3 games.

"Blackout" is a map in the style of Halo 2's "Lockout" map, transitioning the map from Forerunner architecture to a human industrial setting.

Finally, "Ghost Town" is an entirely new map that includes narrow passages for tight combat underneath a vast and open rooftop battleground.

Gamers who purchase the map pack will also get a four-month subscription to Bungie Pro, allowing them to save more films, maps, game variants and screenshots with other players.

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