Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz Review

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Publisher: Sony
Developer: Relentless Software

Platform: PlayStation 2
Reviewed on PlayStation 2

Buzz, the terrifying trivia tyrant himself, returns to host Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz, a quiz show with participants ranging from cheerleaders and Elvis impersonators to extras who look like they just walked off the set (and took their costumes with them. Unlike in Buzz!: The Mega Quiz, in Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz it's all about the moving pictures. There's no science, history or geography here – instead, you'll find a quiz show where Leonardo DiCaprio and Walter Matthau merit categories of their own.

Kyle Ackerman

Now on its second game in North America, the Buzz! trivia games are easily the best trivia games available for the PlayStation 2, but that doesn't make them perfect. It's a great party game for casual gamers – up to eight players can play together, if you have enough Buzz! Buzzers. Easy for anyone to learn, play only requires that you can press a big, red button or hit one of the four, color-coded multiple choice answer buttons. Well... that and an unerring trivia sense.

As the title suggests, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz offers over 5,000 questions on celebrities and box-office blockbusters. Much more so than Buzz!: The Mega Quiz, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz offers video clips and images of movies and celebrities, making this a more visual experience. While casual entertainment fans will want to pursue the easier questions in the "Standard Game" mode, serious film and celebrity buffs will want to try out the "Film Fanatic" mode where the questions actually get challenging, and knowledge plays a bigger role than a twitchy button finger.

It wouldn't be a Buzz! game if it weren't hosted by the blonde, spiky-haired game show host, Buzz. Constantly ripping out jokes, film references, and complements (or insults), Buzz keeps the commentary coming – whether you want him to or not. Buzz's color commentary on the action makes the game feel more involving. If someone is slow, right all the time, or heinously wrong, Buzz will rub it in.

Buzz's intros to the game's different types of challenges, however, get old quickly. It's great that you can skip the explanation of how to play a game, given by Buzz's lovely assistant. It's less great that you can't skip Buzz's intro. I could only take the same Back to the Future-based jokes a certain number of times before I was ready to skip Buzz's smarmy grin. It should be said, however, that while some of Buzz's jokes get old, I still love the trophies presented to the victor after each match. Each trivia match ends with Buzz presenting a ridiculous trophy, based on the iconic moments of famous films.

The types of matches are basically the same as those in Buzz!: The Mega Quiz. There are some changes – for example, instead of flying around the world to answer geography-related questions, there is a "Rollover" game in which points that players fail to claim with a right answer are added to the reward for the next question.

While I still wanted more excuses to slam the big, red button, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz did get the flashing button of the Buzz! Buzzer controller a bit more involved than its predecessor. Also, I liked the difficulty transition – the normal questions should be approachable for everyone, while the hard questions generate a genuine challenge.

In the end, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is a great social game that offers tons of Hollywood trivia questions, allowing up to eight players to enjoy an entertaining contest of celebrity trivia knowledge. The game could still offer a wider variety of trivia challenges, more of which use the big 'ol red button on the Buzz! Buzzer controller, and could sand off a bit of host Buzz's rougher edges. But you won't find a finer trivia game available for the PlayStation 2.

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