Vuzix Integrating Eyewear With XNA

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Company: Vuzix
Platforms: PC and Xbox 360

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Vuzix recently showed off its iWear line of Video Eyewear at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The company has been marketing a variety of headsets capable of acting as a large display or even a 3D display for some time, but there have been some recent, gaming-specific developments.

First, let me describe their premier gaming headset. The top-line gaming model is currently Vuzix's VR920. The headset includes two 640 x 480 screens (one in front of each eye). When looking at a flat image, the headset is intended to look like a 62-inch display from around nine feet away, despite the fact that it's sitting on the tip of your nose.

What makes the VR920 particularly good for gaming is that it supports nVidia's stereo drivers, meaning that the VR920 can display video in 3D. Not only does the VR920 have embedded headphones and a microphone, it also includes the ability to track the motion of your head. It may be hard to constantly flip your head around in Call of Duty 4, but I tried Microsoft Flight Simulator X for a brief moment using the VR920, and could easily tilt my head to the side to look at the wings of the ultra-light I was piloting.

For gamers and game developers, Vuzix is working to integrate its drivers and software into XNA, and had a prototype to display that was running within the XNA framework. Also interestingly, Vuzix is working to make it so for Xbox 360 games that operate split-screen multiplayer modes, two headsets can be used that will each display its portion of the split screen as if it is the entire visual field (making competitive multiplayer more interesting).

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