New Powersets and Romans Coming to Paragon City

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NCsoft confirmed that the next expansion for its massively multiplayer online game City of Heroes (and Villains) is Issue 12: Midnight Hour and should be released in the first half of this year.
The plans for this issue clearly indicate that since NCsoft acquired complete ownership of City of Heroes, the game's development team has been hard at work expanding the game and responding to player's needs.

The full list of content is available on the City of Heroes site, but includes the quite a few changes. First, there's a Roman theme emerging thanks to the Midnight Squad. That includes new Roman-style costume options, a series of missions for level 10-20 characters that help the mystics and scholars known as the Midnight Squad rebuild their organization and Roman-themed map zones for high-level characters that help the Midnighters stop an ancient evil.

Villains will unlock the ability to play as Wolf Spiders or Blood Widows when they reach level 50. Even more importantly, all Heroes and Villains should be getting an additional primary and secondary powerset.

Also, the game is getting a lot of user interface and functionality improvements such as improvements to the chat, the ability to display more detailed statistics on powers, the ability to convert inspirations to inspirations of another sort, more configurable power trays and better organization for the display of contacts.

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