Microsoft Hunts Gamerscore Cheaters

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Microsoft confirmed today that it has begun coping with gamers on Xbox Live who have artificially inflated their Gamerscores by using cheats to complete achievements by stripping their points and labeling those gamers as "cheaters."
Some Xbox Live members have managed to get high Gamerscores by using methods like introducing "cheat" save files that allow gamers to rapidly get achievements without actually playing the game. To identify such activity, according to the Gamerscore Corrections FAQ, "We look for abnormal achievement and gamerscore activity using criteria that identifies users who have used external means to earn achievements without really playing the game. Users who play games legitimately to earn an achievements are unaffected by this."

Microsoft notes that accounts identified in this way will have their Gamerscore set to "0," will be unable to regain those previously registered achievements, and their Gamercards will be clearly be labeled as cheaters. Microsoft reserves the right to do this as the forms of cheating that set off this reset are in violation of the Terms of Use for Xbox Live.

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