LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones from Able Planet Review

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Company: Able Planet
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Able Planet's LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones are a set of comfortable, padded, noise-cancelling headphones aimed at gamers, which provide a great audio experience both for gamers on the move and those ensconced at their keyboards.

Kyle Ackerman

From the name, it's clear that Able Planet thinks you might purchase its LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones because they bear the name of professional gamer Rafik "LoSt-CaUzE" Bryant . You shouldn't buy these headphones because Bryant is good at Quake 4. You should buy these headphones because they perform spectacularly, hitting that sweet spot that balances solid, noise-cancelling technology with a price lower than other noise-cancelling headphones.

Able Planet has a lot of experience with audio equipment, particularly with noise-cancelling headphones, and the LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones bring their headphones to gamers, rather than the stuffy, business-class frequent fliers. True to their promise, these headphones create your own personal audio space, whether you are on an airplane, riding the bus, sitting outside or trying to ignore the family television.

The headphones sport large, comfortable ear cups with padding that make them easy to wear for long periods of time, and that already do a grand job of muting the world beyond your ears. But the real difference comes when you flip the power switch on the left ear cup. That's when the two AAA batteries power the noise-cancelling technology that makes the rest of the world disappear into a gentle blanket of white noise. Then, everything that you want to pipe through those headphones floats above that blanket, clear and quiet.

Able Planet's philosophy urges us all to "Turn it Down." With these noise-cancelling headphones you can enjoy hearing everything you want, instead of cranking the noise to levels that will both drown out the background and wreck your own organic hardware. If the headphones have a flaw, it's that without the power provided by the batteries (and therefore no sound cancellation), the sound is a little muddled. But if you aren't using these headphones in powered mode, there's no reason to lug them around.

The headphones come with a nicely-appointed kit that goes above and beyond the basic hardware. Nested in a padded, hard case that includes a pouch, the kit comes with all the cable variants you are likely to need. The basic five-foot cable has two 3.5mm jacks for most normal connections and a volume control on the cable. There's also a six-foot cable extension (in case you want to sit far away from a computer or TV) and adapters for both a ΒΌ inch stereo jack and that weird hookup lots of airlines use. I find that for the comfort of the large, padded cups, the solid sound and the noise-cancelling technology, it's well worth the extra space this case takes up compared to a tiny pair of ear buds.

The LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones are listed for $180 at Able Planet's official site, but can be found online for as little as $150. That's lower than the cost of both competing brands' headphones and Able Planet's more expensive headphones. Typical sound-cancelling headphones will run around $300, and while I won't say that the LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones outperform headphones at twice the price, the performance is close enough that, given the massive savings, I recommend the LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones wholeheartedly.

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