Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel Preview

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Company: Logitech
Platform: PlayStation 3 (most functions will work with PlayStation 2 and other devices with a USB port)
Official Site logitech.com

Logitech makes damn fine gaming peripherals. Whether you are looking for a PC keyboard, a mouse or console controllers, Logitech has the goods. The Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel will not disappoint. Based on the prototype that Logitech showed off at the Game Developers Conference, the Driving Force GT Racing Wheel promises to be Logitech's best wheel yet.

Projected Release: May 2008
Kyle Ackerman

Perhaps you've seen Logitech's Driving Force Pro wheel. This wheel is even better. Like the Driving Force Pro, this peripheral includes gas and brake pedals, a stick shift, force-feedback and 900 degrees of rotation. The feel of the Driving Force GT has been honed even further. The prototype had a great weight to it – light enough to be able to maneuver easily, but with enough heft to the molded rubber grip to make it feel solid and a pleasure to steer.

What makes the wheel truly remarkable is that it is being designed specifically with Gran Turismo 5 in mind, in conjunction with the Gran Turismo 5 team. That has led to the button and dial that you can see in the 4- and 8-o-clock position on the new wheel.

Using the selector on the left and the 24-position red dial on the right, you can tune the important settings that will let you shave extra seconds off your race time. Anyone with this wheel will be able to change brake bias, adjust the traction control system and damper settings while driving. That means no more pausing the game before hitting a critical turn – just change your settings while driving, without your eyes leaving the screen. It's incredibly easy to change settings while driving.

The wheel should be available in May for just under $150 and is designed for the PlayStation 3, specifically for Gran Turismo 5. But it will work with the PlayStation 2 or other devices that accept USB input. To the extent that other games support its functions, the wheel can be used for more than Gran Turismo 5. And if you're the kind of driver who spends hours perfecting your lap time in Gran Turismo, you are going to need this wheel.

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