Left Behind: Eternal Forces Is (Not-Quite) Free

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Left Behind Games is giving away its Christian-themed real-time strategy game Left Behind: Eternal Forces. (While the company is calling the offer "free," there is a minor fee associated with acquiring the game.)
Left Behind Games was founded in late 2001 to make games based on the Left Behind series of books that promote Christianity. In late 2006, the company released its RTS game Left Behind: Eternal Forces. The game received a poor critical reception, and Left Behind Games has been struggling ever since the game's launch.

The company is releasing the latest version of the game (including patches that make the game function more smoothly and a few enhancements) and offering people the game for a nominal "processing" fee. While Left Behind Games is calling the offer "free," PC gamers have to pay $6 to have a physical version shipped to them and $5 to get the game as a digital download. Honestly, this seems more like an effort by the company to recoup its massive losses on the game, but the offer is still there for anyone who wants it.

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