ezGear Boxing Gloves for the Wii Review

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Company: ezGear
Platform: Wii

The ezGear Boxing Gloves are designed to provide a more realistic and entertaining boxing experience for Wii gamers using the Wii's motion sensitive remote and nunchuk to indulge in casual scuffles or prime-time prizefighting.

Kyle Ackerman

The Boxing Gloves for the Wii from ezGear are a great idea, and not necessarily a bad gift for a wee Wii user you know who's a big boxing fan. But these gloves suffer from several serious flaws that make it impossible to recommend at their $35 recommended price.

Let me preface this by pointing out: I'm not a small guy. I'm 6'2" and my hands aren't exactly what you'd call "dainty." When I tried on the gloves right out of the box, they seemed like solid sparring gloves that left the ends of my fingers and thumbs free. They were a little tight around the knuckles, but not enough so to impair motion. Big foam pads on the back of the gloves (in which the Wii remote and nunchuk are intended to rest) made the whole ensemble feel a lot like a boxing glove. I was excited, and while it would have looked ridiculous to anyone passing by, happily shuffled around and threw a few jabs at my shadowy enemies.

The problems only started multiplying when I actually tried to use the gloves with the Wii. ezGear's Boxing Gloves for the Wii should be ideal for games like Victorious Boxers: Revolution or boxing in Wii Sports. So I flipped on the Wii, grabbed the Wii remote and nunchuk and grabbed the gloves. Then I tried to navigate the game menus.

The right handed glove has an insert in the foam on the back of the hand for the Wii remote, with a clear plastic window to let you access some of the remote's buttons. Pictures on the box and on ezGear's website show the remote in two positions – in one position the front of the plastic window is folded down so that the remote can still be used to point and select things. But if you set up the remote that way, the Velcro covers (and pushes) the "1" and "2" buttons, and you won't be able to bend your wrist.

So, I copied the pictures that show the plastic window only on top of the remote (the seemingly intended configuration). That seemed to work. I could put on the glove, move it around freely and it felt comfortable. Velcro tabs locked the controller into place, leaving room for nunchuk to plug in. But now, I couldn't point the remote at menu items to select them. So I hauled the remote out, got the game started, and tried to stuff the remote back into the glove. Many games (particularly Wii Sports use the "B" button (the trigger on the remote) to exit, so nearly every time I shoved the Wii remote into the glove, I exited the game and had to pull the remote back out to select the proper options. After a few tries, I got the game going, had the Wii remote inserted into the glove and ended the world of irritation.

I put the right glove on, grabbed the left and went to put the Wii nunchuk into the pocket on the back of the left glove. The Wii nunchuk goes into the glove sideways – you can tell from the way the foam in the pocket is molded (don't even think of trying to put it in with the analog stick facing towards or away from your hand). Here's where size matters. When I put the glove on, it hurt my hand. It hurt a lot. Even in the correct position, the nunchuk put a lot of hard, plastic pressure on the middle of the back of my hand. Even as I type this, my left hand aches and isn't responding as quickly as it should. Given to a child, the gloves look gargantuan, and the finger holes aren't positioned properly, but the glove is loose enough not to be painful.

After gritting my teeth and swinging away for a few rounds until I could bear the pain no more, I ripped the nunchuk and remote out of the gloves to breathe easily once again. ezGear mentions that games can be played while wearing the gloves and holding the remote in the palms of your hands, but why? The fingers allow easy enough access to use the controller, but why bother purchasing a fancy Wii accessory when you can go to your local sporting goods store and pick up something on the cheap?

Perhaps if you have small hands the gloves won't hurt you. But the button issues will still annoy the heck out of you. Let's hope ezGear comes out with a better thought-out set of gloves.

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