SOE Plans Many Massively Multiplayer Online Holiday Festivities

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Sony Online Entertainment revealed its plans for the holidays in each of its massively multiplayer and collectible online games.
EverQuest is once again experience the Frostfell festival. This year's festivities will include a quest to rescue Santug's toy-making helpers, the Snowdwarves of Norrath.

EverQuest II will also celebrate Frostfell, but will instead encounter Gigglegibber handing out gifts. Also, certain closets will be portals into the Frostfell zone with holiday-themed quests.

Legends of Norrath, the collectible card game, will give players promotional Santug Claugg cards each time they defeat the Grinnuch with a new deck archetype.

Star Wars Galaxies residents will celebrate Wookiee Life Day with Wroshyr Tree, gifts and holiday songs performed by the Figrin D'an band.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will see its cities decorated with colorful lights and decorations. Players close to these decorations may get holiday gifts. It will even be possible to acquire a reindeer mount that temporarily grants the ability to fly.

The Pirates: Constructible Strategy Game online is giving out a promotional ship and captain for players who purchase a lot of game packs. That's slightly less festive than in SOE's other games.

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