Nyko's Wii Charge Station Review

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Nyko's Wii Charge Station Company: Nyko
Platform: Wii

Nyko's Wii Charge Station keeps two Wii Remotes charged in a convenient base so that Wii owners are always ready for long play sessions with Mario, Link or just a two-player tennis match with a pair of Wii Remotes.

Kyle Ackerman

Nyko's Wii Charge Station is an example of a well-designed product that hasn't stood up well to the changing demands of the Wii and Wii owners. The Wii Charge Station was released shortly after the Wii console was introduced in North America in late 2006, and started off as a great peripheral. It charges two Wii remotes simultaneously, and while I never got the full 25 hours of charge that Nyko claims, I was typically able to use the remote for as much as 20 hours, making the charge more than good enough for practical use. Better yet, the charger is good at roughly indicating the charge level of the remote.

The Charge Station comes with battery packs that replace the back of the Wii Remote, providing a rubberized grip. When the Charge Station was first released, I'm sure the grips were a pleasant change, offering a better grip than the basic Wii Remote. There would have been a slight problem with the Wii Remote wrist strap, in that the wrist strap stops the Wii Remote from sitting well in the Charge Station Base, making it difficult to ensure the contact on the back of the Remote makes contact with the base to charge.

Nyko's Wii Charge StationUnfortunately for Nyko, earlier this month Nintendo offered free remote jacket covers to make the Wii Remote easier to grip (and theoretically safer), in response to complaints about Wii Remotes being flung around dangerously. The Nyko system wasn't designed for the jacket covers, and so the jacket covers have to be removed to allow the device to recharge and then replaced if Wii owners want to use them. It's not a big deal, but the jacket covers are comfortable and useful, and it's a mild irritation to have to remove and replace them before and after charging.

For $30, Nyko's Wii Charge Station does its job and is an acceptable charging solution for Wii owners. Sadly, it just wasn't designed for the new covers Nintendo released for its controllers, and the covers prevent the Remote from inserting well into some third-party accessories. As such, it's not an ideal solution, so potential purchasers are better off waiting for Nyko to release a new charging system rather than purchase this one.

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