Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason Preview

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Publisher: 1C
Developer: Action Forms

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Projected Release: The first quarter of 2008

Kyle Ackerman

So cold... When Alexander Nesterov went to work in a Russian arctic station as a meteorologist, he expected to be cold. He didn't expect to fall off his ship, only to awaken near a ship trapped in the ice. The North Wind is a nuclear-powered ice-breaker that long ago failed at its duty of breaking up the Arctic ice for other ships. Now it's simply a frozen husk filled with frozen crew.

As Nesterov takes shelter from the blistering cold he discovers that the ship is still inhabited. Along with the horrifying corpses of the North Wind's crew, something still lurks. Something more chilling than human. Something that wants to turn Nesterov into one of them.

Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason is a first-person shooter, but in the spirit of horror games, the focus is more on tension and terror than taking pot-shots at your enemies. And instead of worrying about your health and scavenging conveniently located health packs, you'll have to worry about the cold. A gauge shows Nesterov's core temperature, surrounded by a ring showing the environmental temperature.

Go outside the icebreaker and it's so cold that Nesterov will freeze almost instantly. Find a heat source and Nesterov will warm up. Unlike some of the frozen corpses on the North Wind, Nesterov isn't simply daring death to slowly ice him over. Other icy creatures lurk on the old icebreaker, and they seek to transform Nesterov into another animated, cold corpse with an unknown agenda. As Nesterov cools, he and his weapons begin to ice over with some amazing crystal effects.

But the real gameplay catch for Cryostasis is the puzzles that come from "mental echo" effects. The North Wind is littered with the corpses of crewmen that dies horribly, and with the mental echo effect, Nesterov can somehow relive the last few minutes of a would-be corpse's life. By changing those final circumstances, he can save the crew from their dire fate and uncover the ultimate mystery behind the chilly inhabitants of the ice-locked North Wind.






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