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Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC

The previous antics of Freelance Police Sam and Max have had them investigating and attacking the none-too sacred realm of celebrity scandal, as the dog detective and his lagomorphic sidekick freed misbehaving television stars from hypnotic thralldom. Most recently, Sam and Max eliminated the non-Mafia owned casino and hypnotic doll factory, but the sinister threat underlying these episodes has yet to surface. And where else could celebrities go but political office? In Sam & Max: Episode 4 – Abe Lincoln Must Die!, Sam and Max move up from their local beat to face presidential candidates and gubernatorial ne'er-do-wells on their own turf.

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom

Platform: Xbox 360
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Humanity fled to space from a polluted and dying Earth to seek a new home. But space is inhospitable, and the icy planet E.D.N. III was one of the few to offer hope for a new home. Man had just begun carving out a foothold on E.D.N. III when we first encountered the Akrid, vicious insectoid creatures intent on stealing warmth from the colonists, consuming and destroying everything they encountered. Humanity was losing the battle until we developed massive, bipedal war machines known as Vital Suits, capable of taking the fight back to the Akrid hives.

Wayne is a young man, trained to battle the Akrid with a VS, who lost his father to a particularly large Akrid known to the colonists as "Green Eye." Rescued from near death by pirates, Wayne must combat sinister human forces while preventing the Akrid from exterminating every human on E.D.N. III.

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