Lineage and Lineage II Halloween Festivities Confirmed

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NCsoft revealed the details of its Halloween plans for the massively multiplayer online games of Lineage and Lineage II. Read on for more details...

For Lineage, the Halloween festivities will last from October 26 until October 31. During this time, Halloween-themed monsters (and some traps) will spawn in random locations, increasing in frequency through Halloween. There will also be special treasure drops, including candies (that create random effects), pumpkins that can be opened for prizes and special costumes (that work like a 'morph spell).

The Lineage II activities will take place starting tomorrow, and lasting until November 7. In Lineage II, a great fighter named Omega has been captured by Undead warriors demanding a substantial ransom. To raise the cash, Omega's Cat is selling Coffers of Shadows in Aden and Elmore for 50,000 Adena. When opened, the Coffer may contain head accessories such ass Demon Horns or special items like Mystery Potions or Firecrackers.

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