DMCA Tows Victory Against Mod Chips Into Court

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A federal court in California has ordered that the various branches of the business called Divineo (as well as Max Louarn and Frederic Legault) pay over $9 million in damages to various game companies. Divineo and the two individual defendants were involved in selling mod chips and the HDLoader application that allowed users to download console games onto the console's hard drive.
The ESA praised the ruling, noting that "Mod chips and HDLoaders are key elements in facilitating video game piracy because they allow people to play illegally copied games on illegally modified video game consoles."

The court ruled that the defendants violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). While this is unquestionably a victory for publishers and platform owners, the DMCA is still an exceptionally heavy-handed tool that is prone to abuse.

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