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The PC game Bad Day L.A. is now available as a digital download. The game has players facing a series of (comedic) disasters that strike Los Angeles.

Xbox 360 Launched in South Africa

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Microsoft has now launched its console, the Xbox 360, in South Africa. That's it. If you find yourself in South Africa, you can purchase an Xbox 360.
Activision's game Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd (GHTP) for the PlayStation 2 is in stores. The game offers non-lethal shooting action and is the latest installment in the series of Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball games.
Sega's Football Manager 2007 is gold, in duplication and should be released in Europe on October 20. The game has players managing a football (soccer) team and will be released for both PC and Mac.
Rising Star Games has engaged Codemasters to distribute its games in the UK. Codemasters will distribute five games through the end of 2006. The games are Contact, Ys Strategy, New Zealand Story Revolution, Pilot Academy and Bubble Bobble.

El Matador Ships for PC

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Publisher 2WG Media has shipped its PC game, El Matador, to stores in North America. The game is a third-person shooter that casts players as DEA operative Victor Corbet blasting his way through a landscape of South American drug lords.
Shrapnel Games has launched its game Dominions 3: The Awakening. The game is a sequel to Dominions II: The Ascension Wars and is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game is one of epic, turn-based fantasy conquest playable against the computer or up to 20 other humans. Technically, since the game has just shipped, it should actually reach gamers on October 3.
In August, Codemasters announced that it planned to implement a three-tier subscription model for its massively multiplayer online game ArchLord. Today, Codemasters decided that the multiple-tier model (with premium packages getting access to better in-game items and enhancements) isn't such a good idea. When ArchLord launches on October 3, it will carry a standard monthly subscription of just under $15 per month.
MastiffPublisher Mastiff announced that it will publish the game Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure in North America in early 2007. The game was developed by Nihon Falcom and is an action/role-playing game for the PSP.
Strategy First announced that Brigade E5: New Jagged Union for the PC is gold, in duplication and should reach stores in North America next month. The game was developed by Apeiron and is a turn-based strategy game set in a small, tropical nation.

BVG Acquires Climax Racing

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Buena Vista Games, Disney's video game division, is acquiring Climax Racing from the Climax Group. Climax Racing is the division of Climax that develops (not surprisingly) racing games such as MotoGP and ATV Offroad Fury. Climax Racing is based in Brighton, UK.
Aspyr Media will publish a Macintosh version of The Sims 2: Pets this November. Pets is an expansion for The Sims 2 that (not surprisingly) introduces customizable pets into the latest version of The Sims.

HP to Acquire VoodooPC

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HP announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire VoodooPC, a manufacturer of high-end computers (particularly gaming rigs). Once the acquisition is complete, VoodooPC will continue to operate as a special division focusing on gaming with its current leadership. The acquisition is expected to close in November.
Bethesda Softworks will release a PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as a launch title for the PlayStation 3 in North America. The epic role-playing game will be released for the PlayStation 3 in Europe in March. A version of the game for the PSP, dubbed The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, will be released in the Spring of 2007.
2K Games, a label of Take-Two Interactive, announced that when it publishes Irrational Games' BioShock in 2007, it will be released only for the Xbox 360 and PC. BioShock is a game that we at FI are genuinely excited about, taking place in the decayed remains of an underwater utopia.
Fishlabs has launched its mobile game Heli Strike 3D for a variety of Java handsets. The game is a shooter in which players pilot a combat helicopter for the World Freedom Organization.
comScore Media Metrix is one of many organizations eager to provide statistics on the identity of gamers. Not surprisingly, a different methodology yields different results. Media Metrix surveyed 800 respondents (while the nature of the respondents is not made explicit, the business model of Media Metrix implies that the respondents were largely casual, online gamers)

The average gamer surveyed was 41 years old, with annual income of $55,000. 52% of the surveyed were female, and 84% have broadband access.

Marvel Entertainment is working with Cryptic Studios (the developer of City of Heroes) to create Marvel universe Online, a massively multiplayer online game set in Marvel's comic universe. The game will be released for the Xbox 360 and PC.

NCsoft had no comment on Marvel universe Online, but did note that it expects to continue working with Cryptic Studios on City of Heroes

Doom, originally released in 1993 for the PC, is now available through Xbox Live! Arcade. The classic first-person shooter has been updated to support improved sound and graphics.

Aspyr Updates Official Site

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For those of you excited by an updated website, publisher Aspyr Media has updated its own official site. Now that Aspyr is publishing more than just Mac games, you don't have to have an apple to be interested in Aspyr's updated game information.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker Ships

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THQTHQ shipped its game Alex Rider: Stormbreaker for the DS and GBA to stores in North America. The game is based on the upcoming film Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker that is, in turn, based on the Alex Rider series of books. The game has players taking on the role of 14-year-old Alex Rider as he attends M16's training and moves on to the vagaries of a Special Agent's life.
Eidos announced that it will publish Crossfire sometime in 2007. The game is a first-person shooter that will support two-player cooperative play to allow two human players to eliminate dangerous enemies of the state. The game is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PC.
SegaNews seldom comes out of the coin-operated gaming sector, but today Sega announced that it has signed an agreement with New Edge Networks to package broadband game access with the sale of certain coin-op games. In this way, arcade owners who purchase games such as Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition will easily be able to connect through Sega's All.Net platform.
Shrapnel Games confirmed today that it will publish Air Assault Task Force for the PC from ProSIM. The game engine is based on the ATF engine used in several strategy games. Air Assault Task Force will include three full campaigns ranging from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

Unfabulous Ships for GBA

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THQTHQ has shipped Unfabulous for the GBA to stores in North America. The game is based on the television series of the same name on Nickelodeon, and is designed for girls who want to participate in the lives of the show's characters.

Pacific Storm Ships for PC

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CDV Software Entertainment, in conjunction with Buka Entertainment, has shipped the game Pacific Storm for the PC to stores in North America. The game mixes elements of arcade-style action and real-time strategy as players battle through WWII Pacific battles.
Namco Bandai Games has shipped Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier for the DS to stores. The game is based on the (currently defunct) line of collectible miniatures from WizKids Games, and plays out as a turn-based strategy game.
Konami has shipped Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNova for the PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. This latest DDR game has over 70 songs and new modes focused on bringing beginners into the game.

NBA 2K7 Ships in North America

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Take-Two Interactive2K Sports, the sports label of Take-Two Interactive, has shipped its game NBA 2K7 for the Xbox 360, Xbox and PlayStation 2. This latest game in 2K Sports' basketball franchise will also be released for the PlayStation 3 later this year.
THQTHQ has promoted Tiffany Ternan to Vice President of Licensing following the departure of Germaine Gioia. Prior to Ternan's promotion, she was THQ's Senior Vice President of North American sales.
Course Technology PTR and Charles River Media have released three new books for game development. Beginning Math Concepts for Game Developers grounds programmers in the math critical for game development. Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Graphics instructs developers on the use of Flash in creating games. 3D Game Programming All in One, Second Edition is the latest edition of the text that provides an overview of 3D game programming.
D3PublisherD3Publisher of America has shipped Naruto: Clash of the Ninja 2 for the GameCube. The game is based on the animated series Naruto, and even if you aren't familiar with the show, you can guess from the game title that it involves battling ninjas.

Caesar IV Ships for PC

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Sierra, a label of Vivendi Games, has shipped its city-building simulation for the PC, Caesar IV, to stores in North America. The game was developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment and allows players to raise Rome from a simple hillside into the center of an Empire.
Namco has shipped its game The Fast and the Furious for the PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. The game is based on the series of films of the same name and incorporates urban drift racing events.

NBA Live '07 Ships to Stores

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Electronic Arts has shipped its game NBA Live '07 to stores in North America. The Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, PSP and mobile versions of the game have all shipped today. The PlayStation 2 version of the game will ship tomorrow. This basketball game will reach stores outside North America on October 5 or 6, depending on the region.
NetDevil, the developer of the massively multiplayer online games Jumpgate and Auto Assault, is excited to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Jumpgate. To do so, NetDevil plans on introducing a new military system over Jumpgate's next several updates. The new military system will include:
  • A military flight registry
  • Military specific augmentations to the mission system
  • New military rules of engagement
  • An insurance system for civilian pilots
  • New military medals
  • Redesigned bombers
  • A privateering system
  • Redesigned battles for control over territory
Today, Toshiba has launched a new line of gaming notebook PCs, dubbed the Satellite P105-S9722. The notebooks run just under $2,000 and feature Intel Core 2 Duo Processors and a 17-inch widescreen display with a GeForce Go 7900 GS GPU with 256 MB of memory. The whole package weighs in at just over 7 pounds.
MicrosoftMicrosoft announced that Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania for the PC is gold, in duplication, and should ship to stores on October 17. Marine Mania is an expansion for Zoo Tycoon 2 that adds 20 marine animals players can add to their zoos, including attractions such as aquatic shows.

Rockstar to Publish L.A. Noire

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Rockstar Games, the premier label of Take-Two Interactive, announced that it will publish L.A. Noire from Team Bondi. The game is an interactive detective story set in the late 1940's. The game will be released for the next generation of consoles.
Sony has shipped its basketball game, NBA '07: The Life to stores in North America.
CDV Software Entertainment plans to release American Conquest Anthology for the PC in November. The compilation will include three real-time strategy games: American Conquest, American Conquest: Fight Back and American Conquest: Divided Nation.
Moondance Games has released a compilation of independent games from the 2006 Independent Games Festival (IGF). Called IG: Independent Games Volume 2, the collection includes 21 games from the IGF. The compilation is available in some stores and from most major online retailers.
Midway has shipped The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy to stores in North America for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. The game features fifteen characters from the animated television series of the same name, and allows players to fight it out as those characters in a battle with up to four players.
NintendoNintendo has shipped its game for the DS, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. The game once again pits Mario against Donkey Kong, but has Mario fighting the battle with a horde of mini-mario toys in the fashion of a puzzle game.
Velocity Micro has launched a new gaming notebook, the NoteMagix L80x Ultra, that will also be available at Best Buy stores. The notebook features an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, an nVidia GeForce Go 7600GS GPU and a 15.4-inch widescreen display. The notebook weighs in at around 6.5 pounds and costs just under $2,000.
Michigan Congressman Fred Upton (Republican) has introduced H.R. 6120, dubbed the "Video Game Decency Act" in conjunction with Bobby Rush (D-IL), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Joe Pitts (R-PA), John Shimkus (R-IL), Curt Weldon (R-PA), Albert Wynn (D-MD), Dave Camp (R-MI), Mike Pence (R-IN), Lee Terry (R-NE) and Frank Wolf (R-VA).

The bill "prohibits deceptive acts and practices in the content rating and labeling of video games and provides the Federal Trade Commission the authority it needs to pursue financial sanctions against those firms who try to deceive the ratings system." Upton's press office emphasizes that Upton believes the act to be constitutional, and was written in reaction to the "Hot Coffee" scandal in which an unlockable sex mini-game was found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Xbox 360 Available in India

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Today, Microsoft has launched the Xbox 360 in India. Microsoft was eager to emphasize that this is the first console to launch in India.
Activision's game, Cabela's Alaskan Adventures is now available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. The game has players hunting and fishing in Alaska for big game and various fish. This is one of many games produced by Activision featuring the Cabela license and Cabela's outdoor and hunting gear.
SNK Playmore revealed that when it ships the Metal Slug Anthology for the PSP and Wii, Metal Slug 6 will be part of the collection. The anthology will include all the Metal Slug games (Metal Slug 6 was released earlier this year in arcades) and should reach both systems in November.
Developer Stray Bullet Games has hired Dan Beaulieu as its Senior Texture Artist. Beaulieu has worked as a texture and concept artist for the last six years.
Buena Vista Games' Disney's Little Einsteins is now in stores for the Game Boy Advance. The game is based on the Disney Channel animated series and has players trying out simple games involving the characters from the television show.
PlayStation 3A lot has changed since Sony first announced details concerning the PlayStation 3 hardware specifications at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in May of 2005. Most importantly, the Xbox 360 has been on the market for some time and the Wii is nearing launch itself. As a result, Sony has made a few changes.
The Ant Commandos (TAC), the same peripheral manufacturer embroiled in a conflict with Activision over guitar peripherals, announced that it is developing the Guitar Mania Amplifier 28r. It's hard to imagine many objections to this new product since it is, simply, an amplifier. A television output can be connected to the product so that sound comes from the Guitar Mania Amplifier 28r. In fact, a rocker could plug an electric guitar into the device and simply use it as... an amp. Other than the branding, there isn't much about the Guitar Mania Amplifier 28r that has much to do with gaming. Far more likely, this unsuspecting device is merely a pawn in the legal battle between TAC and Activision.
Developer Media Molecule has signed on with Sony to develop a new game for the PlayStation 3. Media Molecule was founded early this year by Alex Evans, Mark Healey, Dave Smith and Kareem Ettourney.

Neverend is Gold for PC

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DreamCatcherDreamCatcher Games' action/role-playing game for the PC, Neverend, is gold, in duplication and should reach stores later this month. The game has players hacking and slashing through the land of Neverend.
CraveCrave Entertainment has shipped its game NRA Gun Club for the PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. The target shooting game features more than 100 different firearms. This game is for all of you who have purchased more than one Big Game Hunter title.
Nevrax, publisher of the massively multiplayer online game Ryzom, is planning to release a free upgrade on October 3. The new content is called The Ryzom Ring and will give players the ability to create new adventure content for the game.

EA Games Coming to Planes

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Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts has partnered with DTI Software to bring several casual games from and The Sims 2 to in-flight entertainment systems on airlines. Some of the games included in the deal are Word Whomp, Harvest Mania and Poppit!.
CodemastersCodemasters announced that it will publish Overlord in the summer of 2007 for the Xbox 360 and PC. The game is set in a fantasy world in which players rule over their dominion, constantly tempted by the opportunity to oppress and abuse the populace. Think of it as a cross between SimFeudalEmpire and Dungeon Master.
Recently, Activision and its subsidiary RedOctane filed suit against The Ant Commandos because of TAC's guitar controller. Now, TAC has filed a countersuit against Activision and Red Octane.
Hands-On Mobile has promoted Keith McCurdy to the position of Chief Operating Officer. McCurdy was already the president of Studios and Products for Hands-On and previously worked at Electronic Arts and Blaze Entertainment.
Namco BandaiNamco Bandai Games announced that it plans to release Digimon World for the Nintendo DS later this year. Digimon are another group of collectible, battling monsters with their own animated series. The game will include Digimon training and turn-based Digimon combat.
Paradox Interactive announced a new collaboration with Nival Interactive to develop a series of real-time strategy games. The first game in this series will be called Frontline: Kursk and will focus on the famous battle between the German and Soviet armies at Kursk. The game should be released for the PC in early 2007.

Dark Crusade is Gold for PC

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THQ's Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade is now gold, in duplication and should reach stores on October 9. Dark Crusade expands on Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, a real-time strategy game for the PC, but will be playable as a stand-alone game.
Microsoft confirmed that when its game Viva Pinata is released for the Xbox 360 this November it will also release a two-disc special edition of the game. The special edition will include game demos and an episode of the Viva Pinata animated series. The game itself allows players to create a world in which around sixty different species of pinatas will live and play.

Gish Comes to Reflexive Arcade

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Reflexive Entertainment has signed a distribution deal with Chronic Logic so that Gish, the platformer staring a ball of tar, can be distributed through Reflexive Arcade.

Spectrobes Coming to DS in 2007

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Buena Vista Games confirmed that it plans to release Spectrobes for the DS on March 15, 2007. Spectrobes is an action/role-playing game based on a new property that is also being developed as an online animated series to promote the game.
Namco Bandai Games announced that it is working on Eternal Sonata, a role-playing game it plans to release in 2007 for the Xbox 360. The game will feature a blend of action and turn-based decisions in combat typical of console role-playing games.

BioWare Developing DS Game

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BioWare/Pandemic Studios clarified that the BioWare side of the family is gearing up to develop a game for the DS. The company is currently hiring to support the project.

LocoRoco Review

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What happens when your only control over a game involves tilting or bumping an entire planet? Read FI's review of LocoRoco to find out.

Touch Detective Site is Live

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Atlus USA has launched the official English-language site for its game Touch Detective. The game is an adventure-style title in which players use the DS touch screen to investigate cases and gather evidence as a private detective. The game should reach North America in October.

Lego Star Wars II Sells Well

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LucasArts is pleased to let everyone know its game Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy sold more than 1.1 million copies since its release a bit more than a week ago.
Sony confirmed that it will release SingStar Rocks! for the PlayStation 2 on November 14 in North America. The franchise has sold well in Europe and allows gamers to sing karaoke style along with popular music and have their performance judged according to timing and pitch.
Fanatec, a manufacturer of gaming peripherals, plans to begin shipping the "Fanatec.head$h0t" controller package to stores on October 10. The package includes the "head$h0t" mouse (go ahead and type that ten times, fast) the "aURa" mouse pad, the "emul9or" software, an illuminated cable holder and a USB 2.0 hub in a LAN suitcase.

LocoRoco Review

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Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony

Platform: PSP
Reviewed on PSP

The cruel troublemakers of the Moja Corps invaded a distant planet, inhabited by myriad cheerful critters. Only the planet itself can restore harmony and happiness by tilting and swaying in such a way that its innocent inhabitants can be reunited and freed from the Moja Corps' influence.

3Dsolve Joins America's Army

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3Dsolve, a company that makes simulations for the purpose of teaching, has been added to the team involved in the America's Army project. America's Army is now a lot more than a game or an educational and recruiting tool. It is also used to simulate new weapon systems and train military personnel.
Namco Bandai Games has released its game Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury for the PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. The game is based on the animated series Zatch Bell! and is a fighting game in which players battle in pairs with humans tag teaming along with their mamodos. If you want to know what a mamodo is, go research Zatch Bell!.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed that it plans to release its game Tom and Jerry Tales for the GBA and DS on October 31. The game as players taking on the role of Jerry as he scrambles for his survival and recovers cheese from Tom. Clearly, the game is based on the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.
MicrosoftMicrosoft announced that it will launch the Platinum Hits line of Xbox 360 games on October 15. Platinum Hits games are popular games for the Xbox 360 that are now available for just under $30. The firt games in the Platinum Hits line will be Kameo: Elements of Power, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3.
Czech mobile developer Impossible has signed a deal with famed board game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia to bring several of Knizia's games to the mobile platform. The first such game covered under the deal is Samurai.
KoeiKoei has shipped its game Samurai Warriors 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. This tactical action game has players taking on the role of one of 26 samurai and defeating legions of enemies.
Starting this morning (until September 29), Xbox 360 owners can go to Xbox Live! Marketplace to view select media from the Tokyo Game Show.

Xbox 360 to Support 1080p

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Microsoft confirmed this morning that the fall software update for the Xbox 360 will allow the Xbox 360 to output game and movie content at 1080p resolution.
Today, Microsoft launched Xbox Live! Vision and released the Vision peripheral. The peripheral is a camera that connects to the Xbox 360 and allows users to indulge in real-time video chat. Several games on Xbox Live! Arcade have been updated to support the inclusion of video feeds into the game.

Red Orchestra Update Released

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Tripwire Interactive has released the latest update for its multiplayer shooter Red Orchestra (available on Steam). The update adds the German G41 Semi Automatic Rifle and new Russian voice commands to this game set on the Russian front of WWII.
Activision has shipped its game World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions to stores. The Xbox 360 version of this poker game features the ability to map pictures of faces onto in-game avatars. The game supports both the Vision and EyeToy peripherals.
SanDisk, the company best known for manufacturing flash memory products, appointed Juha Raisanen as a Senior Vice President. Raisanen will be responsible for the companies supply chain. Prior to joining SanDisk, Raisanen filled a similar role at Nokia.
Eidos, a division of the SCi Entertainment Group, confirmed that it will release Battlestations: Midway in the early days of 2007. The game mixes action play with real-time strategy as it explores the naval battles of WWII and will be released for the Xbox 360 and PC.
The Walt Disney Internet Group has launched the Gardening expansion for Toontown Online. This new content allows toons within the massively multiplayer online game to customize their Toon estates by growing flowers and trees.

Suffolk Pirates Foiled

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The Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA – a UK game industry trade group) wants everyone to know that software pirates in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK were busted for selling illegally copied games, music, films and pornography. ELSPA anti-piracy investigators were instrumental in seizing 20 duplicating machines and halting the piracy operation.
Microsoft announced that Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs is gold, in duplication and should reach stores on October 17. The game is an expansion to the real-time strategy game Age of Empires III and adds three new civilizations: the Iroquois Confederation, the Sioux Nation and the Aztec Empire.

Caesar IV is Gold for PC

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Sierra Entertainment, a Vivendi Games label, announced that Caesar IV for the PC is gold, in duplication and should reach stores on September 26. This is the latest version of the classic city-building series.
Sony Online Entertainment has shipped the twelfth expansion for the massively multiplayer online game EverQuest. The expansion is called EverQuest: The Serpent's Spine and adds the Drakkin as a new playable race. Certain zones have been completely redesigned and the level cap has been raised to 75.
SNK Playmore has shipped The King of Fighters 2006 for the PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. The game is the latest version of the classic fighting series and features 38 different characters.
Wireless Publisher GlobalFun announced that it is working with developer Big Blue Bubble to publish the mobile role-playing game Elven Chronicles. The mobile game should be launched in October.
Sega has entered into a development deal with developer Deep Fried Entertainment. Deep Fried Entertainment was formed in June of 2005 and will be working on PSP content for Sega.
Electronic Arts has shipped the Xbox 360 and PSP versions of its Godfather game. The Xbox 360 version is still called The Godfather: The Game and contains an additional "expansion pack worth of features." The PSP version is called The Godfather: Mob Wars and includes an exclusive Mob Wars mode.
THQ has shipped its game Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle for the DS and GBA. The game is based on a special episode of the animated series of the same name that will air on the weekend of October 7.
Sunflowers Interactive plans to release a mobile version of its game Anno 1701 on October 26 – the same day that the PC version is released. The game is a turn-based strategy game for the PC in which players compete for control of the New World. The mobile game will interact with the PC title.

Okami Ships for PlayStation 2

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Sony has shipped its game Okami, an action game that has players using a "celestial brush" to alter the world in an effort to "restore order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil."
Electronic Arts announced that it will release Skate for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year. The game will be an extreme sports skating game featuring professional skaters such as PJ Ladd and Danny Way.
Namco Bandai Games announced that when its PC game Mage Knight: Apocalypse ships on September 26, a special promotion will be available through Best Buy. The action/role-playing game is based on the (now defunct) collectible miniature game from WizKids, so those who purchase the game from Best Buy will receive a coupon for an "individually numbered, limited edition, 8-inch Mage Knight dragon."
Namco Bandai Games announced that .hack//G.U. Vol.1: Rebirth will be released on October 24, in both conventional and "special" editions. This game is the beginning of a new .hack trilogy that takes place years after the original trilogy of games in which a game overlaps with the real world. The special edition will have different art, an action figure and a disc with a story compilation from the previous .hack games. The special edition must be pre-ordered through certain retailers.
Microsoft and Rare have released new content for Kameo: Elements of Power, the Xbox 360 game, that can be purchased through Xbox Live! Marketplace. Called the Kameo Power Pack, the new content includes weapons and armor as well as an Expert Mode with even more difficult levels, a Time Attack Mode and a Rune Battle Mode.
THQ registered an additional 6.5 million shares of its stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the purposes of employee compensation. These shares will be used in THQ's Long-Term Incentive Plan and Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
Reflexive Entertainment has entered into an agreement with casual publisher MumboJumbo covering several of Reflexive's games, including Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery and Big Kahuna Reef 2. MumboJumbo will publish these games in retail stores late this year and early next year.
Beginning with the release of Company of Heroes and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Microsoft has kicked off its "Games for Windows" branding campaign. Games for Windows titles will carry the Games for Windows branding bar on their packaging. Specifically, these games will support wide-screen gaming, can be launched within Windows Media Center, support the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and are compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows.

Flight Simulator X is Gold for PC

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Microsoft announced that the latest installment in the Flight Simulator series is gold, in duplication and should reach stores on October 17. Flight Simulator X introduces updated graphics and new planes to the 25-year-old franchise.

MotoGP Gold for PSP

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Namco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games announced that its game MotoGP for the PSP is gold, in duplication and should ship to stores in North America on September 26. The game is a motorcycle racing game featuring licensed tracks, motorcycles and racers.
I-play has launched its new game for mobile phones, NYC Urban Golf to mobile gamers around the globe. NYC Urban Golf is a golf game that uses the streets of New York City as its fairways.

Vote in Shady O' Grady Contest

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Shrapnel Games has opened its "Are you a Rising Star?" contest to public votes. Various artists contributed songs to be included in the upcoming PC game Shady O' Grady's Rising Star, a role-playing game in which players role-play as a struggling band, and now gamers can vote on the best contributions in the Pop and Blues genres by going here.
THQ has shipped its game Bratz: Forever Diamondz to stores for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, GBA and DS. The game is based on the line of fashion dolls and related to the DVD release Bratz Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz that will be released on September 26. And if you don't find the proportions of Bratz disturbing, you've been living your life behind a fish-eye lens.
Microsoft confirmed that Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will be released for the Xbox 360 in the second quarter of 2007. The game is the latest in the Kingdom Under Fire games of massive fantasy action, although the story is not directly related to the previous games.
Atlus USA has confirmed that its Wii game Trauma Center: Second Opinion will be released on November 19, making it a launch title for the Wii. The game is a sequel to the DS game Trauma Center: Under the Knife and uses the Wii remote to let players perform emergency medical procedures. But only on the in-game characters. Otherwise it would be more akin to assault with a blunt weapon.
The Ant Commandos, a peripheral manufacturer, has partnered with Gamer Graffix to sell skins for its Freedom V wireless guitar controller for the PlayStation 2. The skins clip onto the controller to give it the appearance of a customized guitar, with designs such as fire, barbed wire or camouflage.

Pacific Storm Site Launches

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CDV Software Entertainment has launched the North American site for its game Pacific Storm. The game should be released later this month and is a WWII-themed game that blends action and strategy play for the PC.
EidosEidos confirmed that it will release its game Reservoir Dogs in North America on October 24. The game is an action/shooter based on the 1992 film of the same name and will be released for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2.
Atari and Ignition Entertainment announced that the Mercury franchise will reach the PlayStation 2 later this year as Mercury Meltdown Remix. The game builds on the PSP game's puzzle action will over 200 levels to explore.
THQ has shipped Broken Sword: The Angel of Death for the PC. The adventure game is a sequel to the 1996 game Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars.
10tacle studios announced that Electronic Arts will distribute Codename: Panzers – Cold War in Europe when the game is released in 2007. This PC sequel to Codename Panzers is being developed by the Hungarian team Stormregion and managed in certain territories by 10tacle.
NintendoNintendo confirmed that the DS has now sold more than six million units in Europe. Furthermore, Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? has sold more than 700,000 copies in Europe. Nintendogs has sold more than four million copies while Animal Crossing: Wild Word sold more than 850,000 copies.
The Game Initiative, a company that organizes conferences, promised to donate a portion of its take from the Austin Games Conference to the Austin Communities in Schools (CIS) program. The Game Initiative wants everyone to know it has kept its promise, and plans to donate $17,000 to the CIS Tech Tots program that provides computers to low-income families with preschool-age kids.
Atari will bring Silverfall to North American PCs in February of 2007. The game was developed by Monte Cristo Games and is an action/role-playing game in which technology and nature are battling for supremacy.
Majesco Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Valve Entertainment to distribute Majesco's PC games over Valve's Steam system. BoodRayne, BoodRayne 2 and Advent Rising are now available on Steam, while Psychonauts will be available over Steam in October.
Namco Bandai's game (distributed by Atari) for the PlayStation 2, Saint Seiya: The Hades, is gold, in duplication and should ship to stores in Europe on September 29. The fighting game is based on Japanese manga and anime.

America's Army Gets Overmatch

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Today the US Army launched America's Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) alongside the America's Army Real Heroes program. America's Army Real Heroes gives players the perspective of distinguished soldiers through interactions and video. America's Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) adds cooperative gameplay against AI enemies, new weapon systems and new vehicles to this multiplayer first-person shooter.
NCsoft has launched a series of 15 downloadable wanted posters featuring the giant monsters from its game City of Heroes. The printable posters can be found here.
NintendoNintendo has stopped playing coy and revealed the details of the Wii launch:
Vivendi Games has acquired mobile developer Centerscore, to speed Vivendi's entrance into the mobile gaming arena. Vivendi Games will acquire the rights to all of Centerscore's current and future games, including Amy's Jigsaw Scrapbook, Amy's Hangman and Alone: The Horror Begins.

Files of F.E.A.R.

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Sierra, a label of Vivendi Games, has released a single-player demo for F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon): Extraction Point. The demo weighs in at 552 MB and can be downloaded here. Sierra has also released the v1.07 update for the original game.
Majesco has shipped its game MechAssault: Phantom War for the DS. This game continues the traditions of the MechAssault series of Mech combat games, but adds touch screen controls.
Telltale Games announced that the first episode in its episodic Sam & Max adventure game now has a name and release date. The initial installment is called Episode 1: Culture Shock and will be available from Telltale Games ' site on November 1.
Bioware has released the premium module for Neverwinter Nights called Wyvern Crown of Cormyr. The premium module is downloadable from BioWare's Site for just under $12 and features a full adventure, a new prestige class and functional mounts.

IGPX Ships for PlayStation 2

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Namco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games has shipped its game IGPX for the PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. The game is based on the animated series on Cartoon Network in which racers speed along twisting tracks in the Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX).
CCP games announced that it will hold the annual fanfest for its massively multiplayer online game Eve Online from November 9 to November 11 in Reykjavik, Iceland. For more details, go to the official fanfest site
I-play announced that it is moving into the business of providing video clips online, indicating that the mobile publisher has broadened its business from merely publishing mobile games into the broader realm of mobile content.
Astraware has launched its game StarPop for Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. The game involves bursting things, and was designed for people who "enjoy popping bubblewrap."
PopCapPopCap Games has released its own data concerning casual computer gamers based on a survey of around 2,100 PopCap customers. The following findings boast a confidence interval of +/- 1.9%:

Sony Launches New PSP Bundle

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Starting today, Sony has launched a new bundle to help the PSP during the holiday season. For just under $250, gamers get a PSP, a copy of the game ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails, a copy of the UMD Lords of Dogtown and a 1 GM Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Ships for DS

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NintendoNintendo has launched its game Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for the DS. Players can use the touch screen of the DS to play a 3-on-3 basketball game altered by the usual assortment of Mario power-ups such as shells and stars.

Folks Attend AGC

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The organizers of the Austin Games Conference want to broadcast their own accomplishments, noting that more than 2,400 attendees and 520 companies were in attendance.
UbisoftUbisoft will release Prince of Persia: Rival Swords for the PSP later this year in Europe, and to North America in early 2007. The game is a version of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones with added levels and multiplayer modes.

Rule of Rose Review

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Publisher: Atlus USA
Developer: SCEI

Platform: PlayStation 2
Reviewed on PlayStation 2

On a bus to a new life, following the unfortunate demise of her parents, Jennifer meets a small boy who begs her to read him a story. Unwittingly, Jennifer is lured off the bus onto the grounds of the Rose Orphanage, an island in 1930s England where the orphans have escaped the rule of adults to establish their own, cruel rule.

Who could be more vicious than a troupe of lonely orphans with their own social pecking order and arbitrary rules governing social behavior? The children have formed the Aristocrats of the Red Crayon, a cabal that demands outrageous monthly tribute from its citizens. Jennifer, of course is doomed to be one of only two commoners in this noble social order.

Yet, the horrors of a world led by mistreated children is hardly enough to explain the strange experiences Jennifer must muddle through as she tries to puzzle out the strange world entrapping her. Jennifer finds herself wandering the corridors of an abandoned airship and other locations such as an isolated, rural basement, seemingly traveling through time and space with little cohesive reason beyond her own elusive memories.

ActivisionActivision proudly proclaimed that the Xbox 360 version of its game Call of Duty 2 has sold more than one million copies in the US.
SkyZone Entertainment has secured the right to publish Llama Country for mobile phones. The game has two brothers battling to keep their llamas safe from each other and vicious llama thieves. The game should be released later this year., a site run by Stardock Entertainment that digitally distributes games, has launched Gumboy: Crazy Adventures. This traditional side-scrolling game is available as a download for the PC.

Joint Task Force Ships for PC

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Vivendi Games has shipped its strategy game for the PC, Joint Task Force, to stores in North America. The game features modern combat scenarios and should be released in Europe on September 22.
Diamond Multimedia has released three new additions to its line of Viper graphics cards based on the newly released ATI GPU. The new cards are the Viper X1950XTX, Viper X9150 CrossFire and the Viper X1950AGP. The X1950AGP has 256 MB of memory, while the other two cards have 512 MB of memory and operate under different environments.
The classic side-scrolling game Scramble has finally launched on Xbox Live! Arcade. After last week's delays, Xbox 360 owners can now purchase and play Scramble.
Publisher Destineer announced that it is working on a game for the DS based on the Fullmetal Alchemist animated series. Called Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy, the game will allow players to take on the roles of six characters from the series and will include minigames that use the touchscreen.
Starwave Mobile has signed on to publish mobile content based on The Dozens. In case you haven't heard of the property, it's a trading card game based on "yo mamma" jokes created by the Wayans Brothers.

Multi Reader Ships for Xbox 360

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Nyko, a manufacturer of peripherals, has shipped its Multi Reader for the Xbox 360 to stores. The Multi Reader serves as a USB hub to which gamers can connect wired controllers, music and other USB devices. The Multi Reader also reads most memory card formats.

Bliss Island Coming to PSP

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Codemasters is planning to release a PSP version of Bliss Island, a competitive collection of minigames previously available online. The game should be released this winter.
2K Games, a label of Take-Two Interactive, plans to release the Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition for the PC in November. The box will include both Dungeon Siege II and the Dungeon Siege II: Broken World expansion. It will also include collectible trinkets such as a map and desktop wallpapers.
Hands-On Mobile is releasing its mobile game IQ Academy to North American carriers shortly. The game is based on the Right Brain Paradise series of games that present a series of puzzles to build mental muscle.
2K Sports, the sports label of Take-Two Interactive, has shipped NHL 2K7 for the Xbox and Xbox 360. This latest hockey game from 2K Sports will be released shortly for the PlayStation 2 and for the PlayStation 3 near the end of the year. While the game costs just under $20 for the Xbox, it still retails for just under $60 if you want the Xbox 360 version.
Namco Bandai Games has shipped its game One Piece: Pirates' Carnival for the GameCube and PlayStation 2. The game is based on the animated series One Piece

Mobile Frogger Games Sell Well

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Konami is excited to let everyone know that its mobile Frogger games have enjoyed more than $10 million of sales.

Cooking Mama Ships for DS

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MajescoMajesco has shipped the game Cooking Mama for the DS. Players use the DS stylus as a universal cooking tool as they try to earn Mama's approval in the kitchen.

Nokia and EA to Cooperate

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Nokia and Electronic Arts are cooperating to bring EA mobile games to Nokia Devices, and Nokia will push those games through to its consumers. In return, EA plans to support Nokia's next-generation mobile gaming platform.

Shot-Online Ships for PC

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Shot-Online, a massively multiplayer online game for the PC, has shipped to stores in North America. Shot online does not carry a subscription fee, but does sell improved equipment for a fee.
LucasArts has shipped its game Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy for the Xbox 360, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, DS, GBA, PSP and PC. This is the sequel to Lego Star Wars, the game that provided an entertaining, Lego-themed take on Episodes I through III, and takes gamers trough Episodes IV through VI.
Twistbox Entertainment, parent of Waat Media and Charismatix, received new funding and has rebranded its game unit. Over the next three months, Charismatix is being rebranded to Twistbox Games, a mobile game publisher. The company, overall, has received a $12.75 million round of funding to broaden its operations.

Bounty Hounds Ships for PSP

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Namco Bandai Games has shipped its action game for the PSP, Bounty Hounds to stores in North America. The futuristic action game has players cleaning up planets to make them fit for habitation.
InfoSpace has signed an agreement to create mobile versions of several Activision games. Some of the games covered by the agreement are Tony Hawk's Project 8, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, Gun and an anthology of Atari 2600 titles.

Company of Heroes Ships for PC

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THQ has shipped its real-time strategy game Company of Heroes for the PC. The game is a WWII-themed title that features deformable terrain and follows the men of Able Company as they battle across Europe.
Namco Bandai Games announced that its PC game Mage Knight: Apocalypse will ship on September 26. The game is a role-playing game for the PC based on the defunct line of WizKids collectible miniatures.

NHL '07 Ships in North America

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Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts has shipped NHL '07 the latest hockey game in EA's franchise. The game is available for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PC, PlayStation 2 and PSP. The game should ship in Europe on September 15 (with the exception of the PSP version, which should ship on October 13).
CDV Software has released two of the expansions for Blitzkrieg, Mission Kursk and Green Devils, as digital downloads. Blitzkrieg and its expansions explore WWII through real-time strategy play.
The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has launched a political action site, the Video Game Voters Network. Keep in mind that the ESA is funded by publishers, so the interests promoted on this new site will not necessarily be perfectly aligned with the average game player. Right now, however, the site is focusing on registering gamers to vote while asking states and legislators to stop targeting video games.
Skreem Entertainment Corporation, a content provider, has acquired Weaver Interactive, a Korean developer of online games.

Majesco Announces Small Net Loss

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MajescoMajesco announced its financial results for its fiscal third quarter ended July 31, 2006. The company reported a net loss of $724,000 compared to a net loss of $37.5 million in the same period the previous year.
Infogrames Entertainment, the parent company of Atari, confirmed details of its final debt restructuring plan. On September 8 (last Friday) Infogrames reached an agreement with its main creditors to work toward repaying its debt and freeing enough cash for operations. Trading of the company's shares was suspended so investors could digest the news. The plan consists of five steps:

Pacific Storm is Gold for the PC

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CDV Software Entertainment, in conjunction with Buka Entertainment, announced that the North American version of Pacific Storm is gold, in duplication and should reach stores on October 1. The game is a hybrid of real-time strategy and action set during WWII and will be available for the PC.

Ellis Joins Nival Interactive

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Developer Nival Interactive has brought on Joss Ellis as the Head of Studios for Nival. Ellis was previously the Chief Operating Officer and Development Director at Argonaut Games and will now oversee Nival's efforts from its Moscow studio.
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts announced that it plans to release Cricket '07 in the UK in early November for the PlayStation 2 and PC. The game is simply the latest installment in EA's series of cricket games.

Linden Lab Leaks Lifers' Info

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Linden Lab, the company behind the online space Second Life, reported that a security breach resulted in personally identifiable customer information. The problem was discovered on September 6, and may have leaked names and addresses of customers. Encrypted passwords and payment information were also leaked, but will be difficult to unencrypt. Credit card data was stored in a different location and is not known to have leaked. In an official bulletin, Linden Lab advises that users take precautions to protect their own personal data.
Mobile provider SkyZone Entertainment has released its game Extreme Hangman for both Brew and Java phones.
Winter Wolves has released an expansion pack for its PC game Magic Stones called the Haunted Mines of Vox. The game is a combination of a role-playing game and card game and can be purchased from the game's official site.
Matrix Games has released an updated version of its space combat game Starshatter for the PC. The new version is called Starshatter: The Gathering Storm and expands battles to be even larger, with more participants and varies the campaign to increase the game's replayability.
Silent Heroes, a stand-alone expansion for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II is available today as a download from Paradox Interactive's Gamer's Gate site. Gamer's Gate also recently added Loco Mania and Ship Simulator 2006 to the portfolio of games available on Gamer's Gate.
CCP Games claimed this morning that its massively multiplayer online game Eve Online is now running on the most impressive server cluster in the business. The system has been upgraded to Solid State Disks and 64-bit AMD Opteron-based IBM BladeCenter LS20 blade servers.
Publisher Groove Games announced that it has created a flagship studio for its development efforts, called Bedlam. Bedlam is the fully-Groove-owned incarnation of a Toronto studio founded in 2005.

PSP Updated to v2.81

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Sony has released the version 2.81 system software for the PSP today. The update can be acquired through the PSP's wireless connection or from the official site.
Vivendi Games announced that its Sierra label will publish the next game from Double Fine Productions, the developer behind the vastly underappreciated game Psychonauts.
Square Enix has partnered with PopCap to distribute PopCap's casual games in Japan using Square Enix's casual download service.
Oxygen Interactive is shipping its golf simulator ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 to stores this week. The game is available for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 and features not only a golf game, but also a course designing tool.
Vivendi, parent of Vivendi Games with labels such as Sierra and Blizzard, announced certain unaudited financial results concerning its performance for the first half of 2006.
2K Games, a label of Take-Two Interactive, announced that it will release Sid Meier's Civilization Chronicles for the PC in October. The box includes all of the Civilization games and all of the expansions except for Civilization IV: Warlords. The box also includes Civilization: The Card Game, a DVD and a book about the franchise.
Electronic Arts has released a demo of its game NHL '07 through the Xbox Live! Marketplace.
MajescoMajesco announced that it will bring the online game Cake Mania (as well as the expansion Back to the Bakery) to the DS next year. The game involves "progressively frenetic baking" as players work to reopen a relative's bakery.
Capcom has hired Germaine Gioia as the Vice President of Licensing. Prior to joining Capcom, Gioia spent 13 years at THQ and secured many lucrative licenses for that company.
2K Games, part of Take-Two Interactive, has signed on to publish the PC version of BioWare's role-playing game Jade Empire. Called Jade Empire: Special Edition, the PC version will feature improved graphics and enemy AI. The game is currently slated for release in January of 2007.
Stardock Entertainment has added the turn-based strategy game Massive Assault to its digital distribution service for the PC.
Koei announced that it plans on releasing Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 for the PSP later this year. This sequel offers more action against vast numbers of enemies or up to three other players.
Sony Online Entertainment has launched Update 27 for EverQuest II. The latest content update includes plenty of fixes and new content, but has three major additions: The prophets of War and Tranquility are seeking new agents in the Orcish Wastes; trade-skill work orders allow players to get cash, status and faction for crafting; and special profession hats are now available for the various classes.
Vivendi Games has shipped its game 50 Cent: Bulletproof – G Unit Edition for the PSP. A similar game was previously released featuring the Rap star in violent urban gameplay.

Even More Bandai Mobile Games

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Bandai has recently launched three mobile games: Blade Slayer (an armed fighting game), Brunswick Billiard Challenge (a pool game) and Karate Spirits 3D (a customizable fighting game).
NCsoftNCsoft has launched the fifth major content update for Lineage II, Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood on the North American servers. The update makes it easier for new and low-level players to level-up and adds new castles for high-level players.
Hardware provider BFG technologies has launched two overclocked graphics cards for the PC: the BFG GeForce 7950 GT OC 512 MB PCIe and the BFG GeForce 7900 GS OC 256 MB PCIe.

Gun Club Gets NRA Endorsement

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CraveCrave announced that it has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association for its game NRA Gun Club, a target shooting game for the PlayStation 2. In the words of Mike Marcellin, Managing Director of the National Rifle Association, the game "emphasizes responsible use of firearms." The game should be released later this year.
Atlus USA announced that it will publish the puzzle game Polarium Advance for the GBA. The game is similar to the puzzle game Polarium for the DS, adding new tile types and features to make more complicated puzzles. The game should be released in November.

ArchLord Approaches Delta Test

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Codemasters wants massively multiplayer online game fans to know that its upcoming game ArchLord has moved on to Beta Phase 3.0 and will launch later this month. Shouldn't Codemasters have just identified the game as in Gamma testing?
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that the launch of the PlayStation 3 will be delayed in certain territories, including Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia. Rather than the previously announced November 17 launch, the system won't reach consumers in those regions until March 2007.
Sony Computer Entertainment America has appointed Dave Karraker Senior Director of Corporate Communications, in charge of all North American public relations for the PlayStation 3 brand. Prior to joining Sony, Karraker worked for Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine. He will report to Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Granny Learns Physics

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AGEIA Technologies, the company that is pushing hardware physics acceleration, announced that its toolset will be included in the Granny 3D Animation system.

Billy & Mandy Coming to Wii

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Midway Games confirmed that it plans to publish The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy for the Wii console, in addition to the previously announced PlayStation 2, GameCube and GBA versions. The game is a brawler based on the animated series of the same name.

Webb Joins I-play

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Mobile publisher I-play has hired Leighton Webb as the Senior Vice President of Content Strategy and Licensing. Prior to joining I-play, Webb was a Vice President at Fox Mobile Entertainment.
MajescoMajesco has shipped its game Guilty Gear Judgment for the PSP to stores in North America. This latest version of the fighting game features 21 of the Guilty Gear Characters as well as a side-scrolling game.
In-game advertising firm Double Fusion has partnered with Emergent Game Technologies to integrate Double Fusion's advertising placement into Emergent's Gamebryo middleware. The point is to make it easy for those using the Gamebryo Element game engine to create in-game advertising space.
NCsoftNCsoft is plotting a public service program to promote data security and personal safety for participants in online games. Web resources to support this campaign will be rolled out later this year and will educate consumers by pointing out methods to safeguard against scams and protect children online.
Peripheral manufacturer The Ant Commandos have launched the Freedom V Wireless Controller for the PlayStation 2. This is a wireless guitar controller compatible with games such as Guitar Hero that features a new body design and recessed start button. The Ant Commandos have also released a new version of the Shredder Guitar Controller with an improved whammy bar.
Bandai has recently released three mobile games for certain mobile phones. One is Othello, the classic board in which players capture each others' pieces. Magical Drop II is a puzzle game in which players match gems to like gems, thus destroying lines of gems. Lastly, Gunpey is a version of the Wonderswan game in which players connect falling lines to complete a circuit.
Alienware announced that its Aurora m9700 notebooks are now available in Blue and Green. Alienware is also adding the option for more powerful graphics cards, but the new color choices are obviously far more important.

LocoRoco Ships for PSP

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Sony has shipped its game LocoRoco to stores in North America. The game has players tilting blob-like creatures throughout a joyfully abstract landscape.
Midway Games has shipped its game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 to stores in North America. The game adds on-foot sequences to the franchise in which Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays Alex Decker, Spy Hunter.

Williams Becomes Relic's GM

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Tarrnie Williams, who has served as an Executive Producer on all the titles in development at Relic Entertainment (a subsidiary of THQ), has been promoted to Relic's General Manager. As such, he will report directly to Jack Sorenson, THQ's Executive Vice President of Worldwide Studios.
Atari has appointed David Pierce as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Atari. Bruno Bonnell, who previously occupied these positions, will continue as Chairman and Chief Creative Officer for Atari. Prior to joining Atari, Pierce has served as an executive manager at companies such as Sony Pictures, MGM and Universal Pictures.
Atari has shipped its game for the Xbox 360, Test Drive Unlimited, to stores in North America. The game is a free-form racing game featuring licensed vehicles.
I-play confirmed three of its upcoming games for cell phones that the company plans to release later this year. 24: Agent Down is the sequel to the previous 24 mobile game based on the television series. 3D Pool: High Roller is another 3D pool game. Inca Quest is a puzzle game in which players match colored coins. All three games should be released before the end of the year.

Meyer Joins Player X

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Mobile Publisher Player X has hired Scott Meyer as the Senior Vice President for the Americas. Meyer has previously worked with companies such as Real Networks and In-Fusio.
The massively multiplayer online game Auto Assault will be facing a Xeno uprising this weekend on Saturday, September 2 at 4pm Pacific time (11pm GMT). Faction leaders within the game will have information on how to battle the alien threat of the moment.
Electronic Arts announced that it will release a compilation of games called EA Replay for the PSP that will include a collection of popular games from the 90's. The collection will include titles such as three Road Rash games, Syndicate, Ultima: The Black Gate and Wing Commander. The game will ship on November 7.
Ubisoft confirmed today that its upcoming game Assassin's Creed Will be released for the Xbox 360.
D3 Publisher of America is excited that Naruto: Clash of Ninja for the GameCube has been named a Players Choice title, meaning that the game is now available for just under $20 and has already sold some fraction of a gazillion copies.

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