Video Strip Poker Supreme Review

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Publisher: Torquemada Games
Developer: Torquemada Games

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
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With the name Video Strip Poker Supreme, it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what this game is all about. It's strictly for adults, and features women doing exactly what the title suggests. The women in the game's videos are happy to strip down and bet to lose, but there's no need to remove your own clothes in this one-sided strip poker match.

Lothar Brennar

In Video Strip Poker Supreme, poker is foreplay in the same sense that volleyball and casino games were foreplay in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. In both cases, there's an entertaining game, but for most people its just a way of heightening the excitement of ogling the pretty ladies. The difference between the two games is that in Video Strip Poker Supreme you get to see everything, instead of swimsuits that barely conceal digital assets. Also, the pre-rendered videos are of real women, not 3D models.

Torquemada Games isn't an upstart hoping to make a quick buck from a poker game that trades in the green felt for skimpy undergarments. In fact, Torquemada has been selling its earlier game Video Strip Poker since 2002. Video Strip Poker Supreme offers a similar game but with an improved interface and more detailed videos.

What makes this game better than its competition is that real women have been filmed to play as your opponents. That makes the stripping clips more realistic and entertaining, but there's more. Each woman filmed a variety of clips, meaning that you'll see the girls grab (or fold) their cards in various stages of undress. They also have a few animations that you'll see cycle during each stage of undress in which they taunt you, flirt with you or just pose and look sexy. There's no way a window on the PC can feel anything like a woman in the same room, but the varied and detailed clips make the whole package feel a lot more interactive.

The game itself is simple. You play five-card-draw poker. With hot chicks. You and the woman both start with a few hundred dollars. If you play the model until she's lost all her money, she'll sell an article of clothing for a few hundred more (and buy it back if she wins enough). The simple goal is to play well enough to get the girl to sell all her clothing.

If this weren't strip poker, the game's AI would invite further discussion. But difficult opponents just aren't the point here. In fact, by betting an additional $200, you can get the virtual girl to have a drink of wine – something that makes her betting even more erratic. More importantly, it helps her lose cash faster. There's also a button (sometimes more than one) that will let you bet a lot of money to get the model to "do something hot." The button's a jalapeno icon, and videos purchased this way are often more enticing than the basic stripping videos.

There are small problems with the software. The AI will suggest cards for you to draw, and doesn't always pick the sensible (or even the aggressive) hand. Occasionally, the buttons for "take a drink" or "do something hot" will get reversed. But these glitches are minor, and everything implied by the "strip" part of the name works just fine.

Frankly, the game is fun and delivers everything you'd expect from a strip poker game... in spades. The fact that the developer is in Poland just adds a little charm to the game, as most of the models will talk enticingly to you with strong, Eastern European accents, constantly accusing you of "cheating" when they mean "bluffing." But you won't hold it against them. There's also a choice to make play more exciting by playing with a deck that only includes the cards from 7 to Ace. Lastly, if you win enough times, you unlock videos of the various women so that if you want to ignore the foreplay poker and go straight to the bare skin, you can.

If you're looking for a strip poker game, you'll find this one hard to beat, and the minor issues are likely to be fixed through patches. The basic game costs just under $30 and comes with five women to play against. Based on Torquemada's previous game, for which dozens of additional women have been added (for a few bucks each), the portfolio of players is likely to increase over time. For a small fee, of course.

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