Ubisoft Gives WWII to the Wii

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Ubisoft announced that it plans to have seven games available for the launch of Nintendo's Wii platform.
Several of the titles are Wii versions of previously released games. The games are:

  • Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII &ndash The game will use the Wii controller to manage dogfights
  • Far Cry &ndash The Wii controller will be used to drive, slash and shoot
  • GT Pro Series &ndash The Wii controller will be used to drive
  • Open Season &ndash This game is based on the animated film of the same name
  • Monster 4x4 World Circuit &ndash The Wii controller will be used to drive racing trucks
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids &ndash The Wii remote will be used for everything from combat to cow tossing
  • Red Steel &ndash The Wii controller will be used for both shooting and melee combat

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