City of Heroes Confirms Details of To Protect and Serve

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NCsoft confirmed some of the details concerning its next major content update for the massively multiplayer online game, City of Heroes. The next major update, called To Protect and Serve will include new missions and features.
Heroes will gain Police Band missions, that function much as Villains' Newspaper missions. Heroes will also get a new variation on Mayhem missions, called "Safeguard" missions. These will have players halting the destruction of instanced versions of ordinary Paragon City zones. Also, once Paragon City's Measure X passes (when the content update is released), Faultline will change from a hazard zone to a city zone.

Both Heroes and Villains will be able to participate in organized Arena battles thanks to the Pocket D nightclub. Lastly, a veteran rewards program is being introduced that will grant special badges, powers and costume options to players with accounts that have been active for a considerable time.

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