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Publisher: Atari
Developer: Dimps

Platform: PlayStation 2

In Atari's words, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 is "The greatest warriors. A tournament of champions. Only one can prevail"

Crusader Kings Review

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Publisher: Paradox Entertainment
Developer: Paradox Entertainment

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium II 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 120 MB free HD space, 4x CD-ROM 16 bit graphics card with 2 MB RAM, Windows 98 or more recent operating system

"Europe is in turmoil. The Viking raids have ended, but the lands are fragmented into petty fiefdoms and the Emperor struggles with the Pope. Rumor has it that another Scourge of God is rolling in over the Steppes of what would become Russia. Yet at this very moment, the Pope has declared that those who go to the Holy Land to liberate it will be freed of all sins."

Publisher: Atari
Developer: Monster Games

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
Reviewed on PlayStation 2

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction takes the Test Drive franchise in a new direction, moving from road races to no-holds-barred, collision-friendly racing and demolition derby-style events.

Echo Night: Beyond Review

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Publisher: Agetec
Developer: FromSoftware

Platform: PlayStation 2
Reviewed on PlayStation 2

Richard Osmond just wanted to get married. After years of planning, he departed on a shuttle flight to the Moon with Claudia Selfer so they could wed in a Lunar ceremony, something possible in the Year 2044. Traveling along with vacationers and miners heading to work on the Lunar base, the first hours of the flight seemed like the beginning of the happiest moments of their lives. Then the shuttle began taking damage.

Osmond awakens inside a protective EVA suit, in the wrecked passenger cabin of the shuttle, a shattered robotic stewardess twitching in the corner. The wrecked shuttle has crashed into the Moon facility, and Osmond is left to find Claudia and discover what happened to the base, now populated only by the dead. Of course, as with all good ghost stories, things turn out to be a lot more complicated than they first appear.

Aura: Fate of the Ages Review

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Publisher: The Adventure Company (DreamCatcher Games)
Developer: Streko Graphics

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium III 800 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 16x CD ROM, 2 GB HD space, 32 MB video card, Windows 98 or more recent

"There exists a clan of Keepers who hold the 'Sacred rings of the Worlds'. Legend claims that the elders of the clan are able to travel to parallel worlds, and even create new worlds with the help of these rings. The legend also claims that whoever unites these rings with the artifacts of the parallel worlds will achieve great power and immortality. Access to these worlds is restricted, and only the elders of the hierarchy and the best students have the ability to enter."

Umang is a young Keeper sent to the world of Ademika to continue a course of studies. While preparing the "Journey Ship" for his tutor, there is an uprising within the Keepers. One Keeper is attempting to seize control of all the worlds' artifacts, leaving Umang to secure the artifacts first.

Tales of Symphonia Review

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Publisher: Namco Hometek
Developer: Namco Tales Studio

Platform: GameCube
Reviewed on GameCube

Thousands of years ago, a giant tree anchored the world, providing a copious source of mana, the power that fuels magic and energizes magitechnological machinery. War destroyed the tree, fracturing the world and leaving a realm slowly decaying for lack of mana. Now, crops are failing and half-elves (going by the name Desians) are stealing humans and taking them to Human Ranches where they work at backbreaking labor, never to escape from the fenced enclosures.

For all the despair in the world, there is a hope. A Chosen One has been born unto the world, endowed by the angels with the power to waken the Goddess Martel and save the world. The Chosen One, accompanied by her teenage friends, tutor, and myriad acquaintances, sets out for the Tower of Salvation to awaken the Goddess. And that is only the beginning of a very long journey.

Nyko SpeakerCom Review

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Company: Nyko
Platform: Xbox

Nyko's SpeakerCom is to Xbox Live what a speakerphone is to ordinary telephone service – it lets you talk and listen to Xbox Live chatter without clamping something to your ear. And like a speakerphone, its success depends entirely on how well it picks up your voice and how clear the sound is. Fortunately, both the speaker and the microphone work well. Better, in fact, than the standard-issue Xbox Live headset.

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