Game Changer for GBA SP Review

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Company: Gamester (Radica USA)

Platform: GBA SP

The Game Changer from Gamester is a nifty "little" device that allows you to tote around your Game Boy Advance SP with three games inserted and requires only a flip of a switch to choose which of the three you want to play. Take your empty GBA SP (this device isn't designed to work with the old GBA model) and slide the Game Changer underneath it. On the two sides and the back, you are now able to place up to three games, and play all three without making another adjustment to your setup.

Carrie Gouskos

Depending on what type of games you play on your GBA SP, how often you like to switch the game you're playing, and where you usually play your portable games, the Game Changer may or may not be good for you. It's good for people who play multiple games at a time, particularly ones that can be played in short intervals, and are interested in switching their games often without having to locate and insert new games for each switch. For me, the Game Changer facilitates a trip on the Metro without having to open up my bag and risk thievery and/or dropping my precious GBA games all over the Orange Line. In that respect, and because it's so much more convenient to have everything in one place, the Game Changer is as important as a morning cup of coffee to a daily commuter.

There are some flaws with the Game Changer that keep it from being a perfect invention. The most noticeable defect is that it adds some serious bulk to your once pristinely compact GBA SP. While this may be great news to people with large hands, for the rest of us it takes some getting used to. It seems that Gamester has done its best to make the device as light as possible, but it's still considerably heavier than the unencumbered GBA SP to which you've become accustomed.

Choosing a game is as easy as sliding the switch to one, two, or three – but there is a strict procedure for this process. Game selection must be done while the GBA is off (this may seem obvious). Disturbing any game, even the ones not in use, will cause your current game to crash (this is not so obvious). The game that goes into the back slot sticks out a few centimeters, so you might find yourself worrying about affecting your current game more than you should have to.

The Game Changer gives access to all necessary buttons, by providing a groove at the volume button, its own power button, and not covering up the back of the SP at all. While its audience may be limited, the Game Changer serves its purpose perfectly, and has earned its rightful spot in my daily commute.

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