Nyko Air Flo Mouse Review

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Company: Nyko
Platform: PC

If you find yourself wishing, as you sit in an extended session at your PC, that your mouse hand could be slightly cooler, Nyko has designed a product expressly for you. Whether you spend your time lingering over Powerpoint presentations or real-time strategy games, the Air Flo Mouse pumps air over your palm as you work or play.

Kyle Ackerman

The Nyko Air Flo Mouse has the features consumers expect from a standard optical mouse – the usual two buttons and a central scroll wheel. The first difference you'll notice is that body of the mouse is molded into an hourglass-like shape, which (in conjunction with rubber grips and rubber ribs on the side) is intended to provide a more comfortable grip than the conventional mouse. Of course, if you rest your hands on the mouse you either have a tiny palm or are inviting a repetitive motion injury through poor mousing behavior. Worst of all, resting your hand on the mouse would cover the holes that give the Air Flo Mouse its name.

With or without correct posture, it's comfortable to hold, and with your hand poised just over the mouse and the fan set to high, you'll feel a gentle breeze coming through the holes on top and on the sides (you can see them in the picture on the right). It's not a lot of air, but it's sufficient to keep your mouse hand cooler and help dry palms made sweaty by an intense match of Warcraft III. The mouse has two fan settings, both of which are nearly silent, but you won't notice much air on the lower setting.

The fact that this is an optical mouse has advantages and disadvantages. As an input device, it works just fine, matching the performance you'd expect from other optical mouses. Aesthetically, it's pretty slick, as the subtle red glow shining through the air holes gives it a sinister look. The real problem is that the switch to control the airflow is on the bottom of the mouse, and can be hard to find by feel alone. That means that to change the air speed you have to turn the mouse over, and unless you've unplugged the mouse, you are staring directly into a headache-inducing bright red light. Placing the switch on the top, perhaps somewhere near the logo, would have been a better choice. As hardware goes, the Air Flo Mouse is a decent choice that will serve you well – should you already need a new mouse. Its biggest drawback is that it comes with a $29.99 price tag. Given that other optical mouses (without fans) can be found for $5 to $15 less, the Air Flo Mouse isn't as compelling a purchase as the superlative Air Flo Ex controller for the PlayStation 2. The Air Flo Mouse is a nice product, and marginally better than regular optical mouses. But it's not such a life-changing product that you should immediately discard your current mouse to buy this one.

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