Zboard Keyboard Interface for Age of Mythology Review

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Company: Ideazon
Platform: PC

The Zboard is a modular keyboard system from Ideazon designed so that computer users can have a single keyboard base attached to the computer, but can insert interchangeable keyboard interfaces that are customized to improve productivity for work software or to improve the game experience for entertainment software. The interfaces clearly mark many of the important hotkeys for the associated application, and typically have an array of macro keys customized for functions associated with that application.

Kyle Ackerman

The Age of Mythology interface is surprisingly useful for Microsoft's epic real-time strategy game. Despite my initial skepticism concerning its utility, this interface is set up as if an expert player had personally configured a hotkey scheme for you, and then surrounded your keyboard with artwork from the game. Every single key is clearly marked, so that even novice players can learn which key to press to build a granary without multiple mouse-clicks, or quickly call your villagers to shelter with a single key press. There are also several macros specific to the Zboard interface, allowing you to bypass multiple levels of menus and immediately order troops to a defensive stance or to change their formation.

The Age of Mythology interface keys are also smaller and circular, rather than the normal, square keys in contact with one another on a conventional keyboard. This turns out to be very convenient, as the hotkeys are easily distinguishable, and can be quickly found without accidentally striking others. To be clear, this interface isn't something that a casual player, who wants to try a bit of the single-player campaign, will need. On the other hand, gamers who play Age of Mythology consistently, in competitive online games where an idle villager can mean the difference between victory and defeat, will find this Zboard interface to be a convenient aid, that may improve their game.

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