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With the dramatic improvements in mobile computing that have taken place in recent years, more users are relying on laptop computers. The convenience of a laptop also means folks are looking to make the computing experience as comfortable as possible while lounging in computer unfriendly locations such as on the couch or in bed. To that end, insTand manufactures two lap desks for your computing comfort.

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The basic insTand lap desk (called the Beanbag Table) is an ideal platform for most laptop users. In addition to the usual stuffed pillow attached to a rigid molded plastic top, the insTand folks have added a few other key features that make the desk well suited to computer use rather than just paying bills. The best of these is the non-skid padding on both sides of the desk. This successfully prevents a laptop from sliding around on the desk surface, and the extra space between the pads raises the computer slightly off the desk surface for airflow. There are also pencil trays and, importantly, a wrist rest for increased typing comfort.

The only drawback of the basic insTand desk is that large, desktop-replacement laptops that run very hot (such as the Dell Inspiron series) can run so hot that they warp the top of the desk. For other laptop users, this is a great surface, large enough (at 18.75" x 14.5") to allow you to operate a mouse beside a large laptop computer. The Beanbag Table currently sells at the insTand web site for $27.95.

insTand also makes a wooden desk model (called the Beanbag Executive). This is a more conventional wooden lap desk with an oak top. The surface is large (19" x 13.5") with a lip at the front and a well-stuffed pillow support. While it doesn't have the non-slip pads that make the basic desk ideal for a laptop, the thick, solid wooden surface is very stable, and useful for more conventional tasks, like writing. Also, the combination of the thick surface and pillow keep most of a laptop computer's heat from cooking your legs as you use the table. The executive version comes with a leather pillow for $49.95 or a velour pillow for $39.95.

One final point to mention is that insTand's customer service is excellent. They responded immediately to queries and acted quickly to resolve questions related to their products. Both desks are terrific products, and are easy to recommend to laptop computer users looking for a stable and comfortable surface on which to use a computer.

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