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Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters

Platforms: PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2
Reviewed on Xbox

Take on the role of renowned rally racer Colin McRae and tear up the international rally racing circuit with co-driver Nicky Grist and the whole Ford team. Take on the world in Career mode to play through a series of true-to-life racing seasons or pick a car and a single track for some one-off racing. When you're done embarrassing AI opponents, take some time to humiliate a friend in multiplayer mode. No really. That's what friends are for. Leave the concrete oval behind for a little while and get sloppy in the twists, turns, mud, rain, gravel and snow of the professional rally racing circuit.

Ikaruga Review

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Publisher: Atari
Developer: Treasure

Platforms: GameCube, Xbox 360 and Dreamcast
Reviewed on GameCube

Tenro Horai is conquering all the nations on the globe, one by one, steamrolling over them using the Power of the Gods that he unearthed. Some freedom-loving folks still resist his onslaught as members of a freedom federation called Tenkaku. The population of a remote village called Ikaruga has built a fighter that, in the right hands, may be able to stop Tenro Horai.

Publisher: Tri Synergy/Pan Vision
Developer: Grin Inc.

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium III 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, GeForce3 or comparable video card, 4x CD ROM drive

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic future! This is life in the aftermath of... well... something or other. Perhaps there was a nuclear war, some sort of biological catastrophe or just a breakdown of common courtesy. Regardless, the outback is now ruled by gangs that traverse the desert wastes in armored cars, and civilization is limited to a few walled cities with access to water, decent soil, and fuel reserves. Part Road Warrior and part Car Wars, Bandits: Phoenix Rising follows the exploits of Fennec and Rewdalf, leaders of The Wolfpack, a mob of bandits that prey upon everyone from the helpless to the fortified. The Wolfpack hope to steal a massive cache of gold from the final bastion of civilization, Jericho City. On the way, Fennec and Rewdalf learn that every competing power of the wastelands is searching for the Phoenix, a powerful weapon from the past that is falling into The Wolfpack's hands, piece by piece.

The Goobs Review

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Publisher: Red Claw Software
Developer: Red Claw Software

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 16 MB video card

A gaggle of happy little yellow creatures called Goobs have been taken from their home planet Stoompf and stranded on a series of platforms floating in space. The Goobs need your assistance to collect energy balls on their way to the exit tunnels that will take them home. The game can be downloaded here.

Purge Review

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Publisher: Tri Synergy
Developer: Freeform Interactive

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB video card, 600 MB HD space, 4x CD ROM

Human beings and machines have achieved the ultimate alliance in a single world government known as the Order. The collective rule of humans, androids and cyborgs established a worldwide peace, but plenty of unaltered humans have been left behind by this perfect society. United by a mystic named Mabus, many of these normal folk joined Mabus' religion, known as the Chosen. Having discovered magic, the Chosen completely reject technology. The Order saw the emergence of the Chosen as a threat and assassinated Mabus. This began an all out war between the Order and the Chosen that came to be known as the Purge. The Order is fighting for the continued existence of technology, while the Chosen battle to establish a Theocracy. Each side aims to cleanse the globe of the other, and neither will rest until the opposition has been completely Purged.

Briefcase Review

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Publisher: Fallout Software
Developer: Fallout Software

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Official Site: falloutsoftware.com/games/briefcase/

Windows System Requirements: Pentium 266 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 4MB video card

Grab your briefcase and see if you can fit everything you need inside.

Enclave (PC) Review

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Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment / Black Label Games (VU Games)
Developer: Starbreeze

Platform: Xbox, PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium III 600 MHz, 192 MB RAM, 16 MB 3D video card, 4x CD ROM drive, 2.2 GB HD space

The demon Vatar and his evil hordes of undead, goblins, orcs and twisted humans assaulted Celenheim once in the distant past. Only the wizard Zale's desperate actions save the people of Celenheim by opening the maw of the very world itself, engulfing Vatar and much of his army. Zale's magic also opened the Rift around Celenheim, a bottomless chasm that surrounded the kingdom, making it an island haven, surrounded by denizens of evil. Celenheim, populated by elves, humans, gnomes and others became known as the Enclave, and referred to the rest of the continent as the Outlands. Recently, the Rift has been healing, becoming narrow enough to cross at points, and the Outlanders are arming themselves, perhaps under their returned overlord Vatar.

In this conflict you can pursue the Path of Light, defending strategic outposts, striking at the Outlanders key weaknesses, and ultimately crossing the Outlands and a great sea to seek help at Meckelon, home of the Ancestors. If you and your party of adventurers succeed, you may even need to face Vatar himself.

You may also choose the Path of Dark, serving the powerful Mordessa in her efforts to restore Vatar to power... in her service. Success under Mordessa against the Enclave will earn you more dangerous duty, and failure can only mean a painful death. You begin by running difficult errands for her, and ultimately assault the Enclave at the very seat of their power.

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Digital Illusions

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC

Windows System Requirements: Requires Battlefield 1942

Battle already rages in Europe, North Africa and the Pacific. Now, Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome expands the war to include six new battles from the Sicilian and Italian campaign. This is an expansion to the original Battlefield 1942

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC
Reviewed on Xbox

The National Security Agency (NSA) has created a top-secret division called the Third Echelon to gather intelligence that is crucial to national security, yet isn't accessible via traditional information-gathering techniques. The Third Echelon, itself an agency whose existence is denied by the government, works by dispatching Splinter Cells. A Splinter Cell is a single operative, sporting the most sophisticated technology available to the United States government. Sam Fisher is a Splinter Cell – an ex-SEAL and CIA veteran, and the best the country has to offer. The best, but also plausibly deniable.

Two CIA operatives have gone missing in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Charged with infiltrating the emerging government of Kombayn Nikoladze, the new Georgian president, every indication is that they uncovered something of paramount importance to national security. It's up to Sam to discover the threat posed by Nikoladze. If Sam fails to discover and diffuse the machinations unleashed by Nikoladze, he won't be coming home. And millions of Americans may die.

Xbox Live subscribers can download additional levels.

Post Mortem Review

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Publisher: The Adventure Company
Developer: Microids

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium II 350 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 16 MB DirectX 7 compatible video card, 16x CD ROM drive

After retiring to the quiet streets of Paris to pursue a life of painting, Gus Macpherson could not escape his true art. The former New York detective finds himself walking the beat once again when hired by a sensuous woman to investigate the gruesome beheadings of her sister and brother-in-law. In the dark and mysterious streets of Paris, while plagued by his clairvoyant sixth sense, Gus will uncover a conspiracy written in blood entangled with rituals and artifacts as old as time itself!

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