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BloodRayne Review

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Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Terminal Reality

Platform: Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube
Reviewed on GameCube

Her mother raped by a vampire, Rayne was born a Dhampir – half vampire and half human with the strongest characteristics of both. The time is the 1930s, and Rayne has hacked her way across Europe to seek revenge on her vampire father. Along the way, she is spotted by a secret organization called the Brimstone Society, dedicated to protecting humanity from supernatural threats. Enlisted into their order, Rayne becomes Agent BloodRayne. Her mission is to prevent the Nazis from tapping into an ancient supernatural force that they believe holds the key to ultimate power and ultimate victory for the Aryan race. As you might imagine, the Nazis don't stand much of a chance. After all, behind every successful secret order is a woman with twin arm blades and a thirst for blood.

Publisher: THQ/Sega
Developer: Sega/Wow Entertainment

Platform: Game Boy Advance
Reviewed on Game Boy Advance

It's pinball for the Game Boy Advance – but with zombies.

Mobile Forces Review

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Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Rage

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium II 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB video card

Why run to the battlefield when you can hitch a ride in a speedy vehicle? With vehicles ranging from light and fast dune buggies to plodding troop transports, you're never too far from a fight in Mobile Forces. This multiplayer, first-person shooter offers eight different games including the usual deathmatch, team deathmatch, holdout and capture-the-flag games as well as several variants such as "detonation" (a contest to trigger the detonation of explosive collars around your enemies' necks). Mobile Forces also includes two, off-line single-player modes.

Publisher: Universal Interactive
Developer: Point of View

Platform: PlayStation 2, GameCube
Reviewed on GameCube

You play Mathayus, the soon-to-be Scorpion King from the the movie of the same name. As a young man, Mathayus has aspirations of becoming a great warrior. After defeating some of the warriors in his home village, Khemet, he is given his first mission as an Akkadian, a guild of assassins. A local lord has murdered one of the King's concubines, and her sisters have petitioned for revenge. Mathayus is sent in to single-handedly dispose of this king and anyone else who gets in his way. Along the way, Mathayus must overcome betrayal and seemingly insurmountable odds to become the legendary leader of the Scorpion King movie.

Publisher: Black Label Games
Developer: WXP

Platforms: Xbox and PlayStation 2
Reviewed on Xbox

Ah, come on, why are you reading this introductory section? Don't even pretend that you don't know the story, you big Tolkien-quoting geek. It's OK. We're all nerds here.

Madden NFL 2003 Review

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Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Sports

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube
Reviewed on PlayStation 2

Madden NFL 2003 aims to treat both the Jerry Jones-style gamer ("This is my team, all virtual decisions go through me!") and the gamer who favors the Keyshawn Johnson approach ("Just throw me the damn joystick!"). EA has ramped up the defense, called in newcomers Al Michaels and Melissa Stark to join John Madden with commentary, thrown in a tutorial mode, and put together a series of minigames for those moments when your attention span is faltering. Are you ready for some football?

4x4 Evo 2 Review

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Publisher: Universal Interactive
Developer: Terminal Reality

Platform: GameCube
Reviewed on GameCube

Go off-road in this truck and sport utility vehicle racing game. Choose from an array of vehicles and race tracks for a quick race, or enter a career mode in which climbing the ladder demands raceway success and completing special challenge missions. Customize your vehicle inside and out, then hit the mud.

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