16 MB Mega Memory Card Review

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Company: Interact
Platform: PlayStation 2

The 16 MB Mega Memory Card from Interact purports to have "twice the capacity of a standard card, plus a secret weapon – The included Memory Manager Plus software! This suite of software utilities allows you to manage and archive your saves, expand your memory capabilities and even write game saves to an Iomega Zip Drive." 'Nuff said.

Rating:    (Don't Buy It!)
Kyle Ackerman

Writing a review of software or hardware can be a challenging process that requires the reviewer to make a balanced presentation, weighing the strengths and weaknesses of a product in a comprehensive fashion before making a final recommendation. This memory card product from Interact poses no such challenge. Simply speaking, the product didn't work, and FI likes to recommend that our readers spend their hard-earned cash on products that function.

Unlike a standard, 8MB memory card (from Sony or other hardware providers) that you simply insert into a PlayStation 2 memory slot and use, this Interact product requires a boot disc. The first time you put the disc into the PlayStation 2 tray you are shown an instructional video explaining the product and extolling its truly epic greatness. You are also instructed to boot from the reverse side of said disc before every PS2 session in which you wish to use the 16 MB Mega Memory Card. After flipping the disc... nothing happened. Very well, a reboot of the PS2 yields... nothing. Not to be thwarted, a quick check of the disc confirms that it was inserted correctly, the PS2 is shut down, restarted... still no response from the Memory Manager Plus software. Myriad tries, patience and time failed to yield any result other than an unresponsive console and a card that wasn't recognized by the system.

Further investigation with a local retail store revealed that they had made an exception to their usual return policy for the 16 MB Mega Memory Card, allowing people to exchange it for a different product because it was so universally loathed by their patrons. Even had the product worked as advertised, a boot-disc for console gaming seems like an unnecessary punishment. When I feel like dealing with compatibility and driver issues, I'll play with the PC, where I can get resolutions higher than 640 x 480. Stay away from this card.

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