Pencil Whipped Review

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Publisher: ChiselBrain Software
Developer: ChiselBrain Software

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC

Windows System Requirements: Pentium 233 MHz, 8 MB video card, 10 MB HD space, Windows 95 or more recent operating system

Pencil Whipped (v2.4) is a conventional 3D, First-Person Shooter (FPS), with very unconventional graphics. All of the textures – walls, torches, weapons, and enemies are drawn in pencil. The sound effects are even done by voice recording, giving the game a cartoonish feel. The doors really do make a "Kshreeek" noise when opened. Really. Exactly like that. A hit by the early enemies rewards the player with the sound of a person shouting "smack!" Beware, though, the cuteness is tempered by verbal taunts. The mildest thing a monster shouted was "Hey! It's the idiot!"

Lothar Brennar

The Pencil Whipped demo is surreal, and worth downloading to see a completely novel approach to the FPS genre. The appeal ends there. Play is frustrating and difficult to master. Level design resorts mostly to a philosophy that kills the player by surprise, and forces you start completely over with knowledge of just one more pitfall along the way to level completion. Once you get past the novel artwork, this game is just annoying. Download it, look at the art, and delete it from your hard drive.

The game can be downloaded here.

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