Hoyle Casino 4 Review

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Publisher: Sierra (VU Games)

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC

Windows System Requirements: Pentium 133 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 100 MB HD space, 4x CD-ROM

Hoyle Casino 4 is a casino game that allows you to play all of the standard casino games including many varieties of Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machines, Craps, Video Poker and Roulette. Gameplay consists of creating an identity, using the Facemaker to create a portrait of the player identity or choosing a pregenerated portrait, and then entering the casino to progressively increase your stake of $5,000 at various games of chance, or lose all of your fictitious cash. There are newer versions of Hoyle Casino available from Sierra.

Rob de los Reyes

It's John Bigbootay!All of the casino games are done fairly well. If you have a longing to play craps without risking cash, enjoy a spot of poker against the computer, or just want to drop fictional quarters into the video poker machines, you'll enjoy this game. The Facemaker is a mini-game unto itself. The process of creating an identity is a lot like Mr. Potatohead, but surprisingly entertaining. Hoyle Casino 4's flaw is common to all gambling games, the opponents in games like poker are predictable. While the AI is decent, the characters are predictable, and so consistently beaten in repeat play. Don't hold this too much against Hoyle Casino 4, as I have yet to see AI in a poker game that remotely approaches the sophistication of a human opponent.


The buffet is in the back.One of the nice features of this game is that you can play it without having the disc in your drive. This lets you pop your favorite CD into the drive instead. It also makes this game a nice choice for your laptop as it is far more entertaining than Microsoft Hearts on a long plane flight. You lose some sound and animations without the disc, but, while nice, they are not the reason you play this game. I picked this game up after a trip to Las Vegas to tide me over until the next trip. There's no thrill like the real Vegas, but playing this game always triggers the Vegas sense memory. And it is good.

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